Houston, We Have Lift Off!!!

OK, so I’m not a blogger…let’s all be sure we all know that. I’m doing this as a school project/favor because that is just the kind of person I am.

So here I am in the blogosphere of hell…stressed, tense and eating carbs like the president is gonna start taxing them tomorrow…AHHHH!!!

I should be resting…It’s my taper week you see…Sunday is The Big Day

So I SHOULD be living a stress-free existence. Not panicking about why my widgets and fonts are not behaving as I demand. As you can see, fonts are boring and widgets are non existent. All in time my friends, all in time…why have all the fun in the 1st 96 hrs right???

So anyway, today was the last run of training. I did it naked….get your minds out of the gutter…without technology naked…which is HUGE for me b/c I love my gadgets!! It was a pleasant 5 mile jaunt, which if I could get the Daily Mile widget up you would already know that! So now I wait for AquaDoc to return from his swim so we can pick up BoyGenius and head to the city!!

Best of luck to all who are participating. Hopefully the combination of good weather, months of hard work and a touch of luck will pay off in the end. Most of all, I hope to simply enjoy the day, the process, and run with a smile!!

Ok well… this has been, uh..interesting in fun kind of way. Now lets see if I can post it without deleting it…the true test!

And some parting thoughts for the weekends festivities:
Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment.  ~Heywood Hale Broun

Run Happy, My Friends!

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