Remember how I said I was a gadget girl? And how much I liked my techy stuff ?

Well, today I am going to share a small slice with you in hopes of making your life a bit more enjoyable. Perhaps this sharing thing will become a regular event, we shall see…..

Anyway, since I’ve been trying to drag my arse to the pool (nope, haven’t made it…soon though, I swear), I thought a swimming gizmo might just set the mood…..

This, my friends is the Pool-Mate, by Swimovate. It’s a nifty watch that contains an accelerometer (yeah, ok..) that automatically counts your laps as you go from one end of the pool to another. No more old-fashioned clicker on the finger or game show like pad you have to remember to hit twice when you get to your origination point.

This does all the work (mental, not physical..sorry) and you can now focus on that great form your busy developing. It even calculates calories, distance, and of course time in the water. Sorry, no heart rate monitoring with this bad boy.

AquaDoc and I got a his and hers set for Christmas. I’ve tried mine a few times and he uses his regularly. We both find it a beneficial piece of technology. It runs for about $130 and comes in this grey color or an all black version and for you divas out there they even have a pretty little pink number.

You can find them at almost any online swim store or Tri supplier. We got ours through if memory serves me correct.

Well, it is my sincere hope this “find” enhances your workouts and makes keeping up with all those laps a bit easier! Lord knows the pool can be as dreadful as the treadmill at times. These gadgets can help spice things up and make the time pass a bit more quickly.

Swim Happy, My Friends

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