Sunday’s Comic

I hope everyone is having a wonderful President’s Day weekend. Its downright perfect here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and outdoor workouts are definitely the order of the day.

It’s Sunday, and I have a lil’ funny for y’all.

Now, I do a considerable amount of my bike training indoors for 3 primary reasons :

  1.  we have lanes
  2.  our roads simply suck and quite frankly, that’s being nice   and
  3. people around here honestly can not drive. I’m convinced they despise anyone on a quest for physical activity or self-improvement. It’s almost like they TRY to hit you.

So for those who train indoors, whatever the reason, via Compu Trainers or spin classes…this ones for you

                                                                                                                                                                                        cartoon by Ben Boyd


Ride Happy, My Friends

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Comic

  1. I think you fonts are looking pretty awesome. If you need a hand, shoot me an email. I am not a blogger either, butt sitting this much is not good for the old posterior but you know, there’s something pretty incredible about this little group of healthy living bloggers, they are sort of inspirational 🙂 Ok, so maybe I’m officially a blogger but not in my own mind 🙂

    Welcome to the big world of blogging and I look forward to seeing more of you, school project/favour or not 😉

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