Life 101

I was reading a magazine the other night and came across one of those life expectancy quizzes. I was instantly obsessed. The one I found was just a quick 5 question snippet and I really wanted a full statistical analysis. Nothing less than the best. 

So I found the source today and went online to take the full thing. You too can empower yourself and do the same by going to Living to 100’s website. It’s self-explanatory and only takes a few moments!

My death age My life expectancy is                        dun, dun, dun                 101.

Now I have to wait for AquaDoc to get home and make sure he’ll be around just a smidge longer. I doubt this will be an issue because see, he flosses religiously. It would seem, this daily ritual adds prime time to your existence here on Mother Earth.

Who knew??? I guess its off to Sam’s for more floss!

What else is of the utmost importance should you want to have birthday wishes on the Today show?

All the usuals…exercise daily, eat correctly (no white flour…eeekk), no smoking or drinking to excess, limit red meat and bologna (do they still sell that??)…..blah, blah, blah. You know ’em all. And if you don’t, we have much bigger problems than you simply taking this quiz.

I must say though, it will be one lively crew at the nursing home, eh?

Now, it ALSO seems that being a highly social creature is critical to ones longevity. Your survival is exponentially tied to your daily contact with friends/peers/aquaintances…ie “others”. This set me back a few days as I’m not real fond of “others”. I mean, y’all are alright and all, but those “others” tend to annoy me somewhat…ya’ know?

Perhaps I’ll work on this. I need to see AquaDocs results 1st though. This way I can strategically plan a bit better.

Oh, and 1 more biggie…brain games. Crosswords, Sudoku or even learing a new skill, like blogging, gets you some extra time!

It’s really very interesting and a fabulous way to procrastinate doing anything and everything you SHOULD be doing.

I highly recommend it…Let me know how it turns out!


Train Happy, My Friends!

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