Make Mine Merlot

I’m just not feeling myself today, maybe I need a Snickers….

I hate to be such a complainer. I know lots of people have it worse than me. They struggle every day to get things done with their insane schedules, I get that. I really do….

But I digress…

For the THIRD time in 4 days, I have had to cater my workout around some sort of home repairman’s visit. The mere fact that a newly built home needs these massive repairs is bad enough, but when it starts jacking with my schedule I get a little cranky.

Yes, I’ll take some cheese with my whine thank you very much!

I am a very routine oriented person. A stalker’s dream some might say. I do the same thing, almost every single day, at almost the exact same time. What can I say, I like a little structure in my life. So sue me!

When it comes to training, its done in the morning. At about 7:45 to be precise. It consumes about 90-120 minutes depending on the day.

I DO NOT do this in the afternoon and certainly never in the evenings. I have tried and I just don’t have that same mojo that I have earlier in the day. In addition, the heat and humidity (kryptonite) start to wreak havoc on me as early as 9:30-10am. I literally begin to melt before your very eyes. Its a terrible, painful process and one I try to avoid if at all possible.

 I also HATE cutting workouts short. It makes me feel like a cheater and I go to a really messed up place mentally. Hence today’s post.

I suppose I should be more flexible, but I’m not. Just ask PT/Coach. Flexibility is definitely not 1 of my strong points.

The Moral:  Today was my 3rd day of crappy workouts and now I’m just all bitchy and out of sorts.

And here’s the kicker. I cut my run short and the repair guy is late. Every minute that ticks by, equals the amount of time I “cheated”.  Errrrrr…

So I ask you, how do you handle those weeks where nothing seems to go your way? If the deck is stacked in everyone else’s favor? When things just aren’t fair?

Is it Snickers or Merlot?

Run Happy, My Friends!

2 thoughts on “Make Mine Merlot

  1. Life can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, but it does pass. I’m a mom to a child with cancer & am a Realtor, which means I work 24/7 and live in a hospital 2 weeks per month. Time is SO precious! I struggle to find balance, but am thankful when I do. 🙂

    • Time is one of those precious commodities that we tend to take advantage of yet beg for more at the same time. Your day to day time management skills make us ALL realize that anything is possible. If you believe it can be done, it can…its not always easy, but then I don’t think that always a bad thing. Hang in there Sarah, keep being our inspiration!!

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