Sunday’s Comic

Daylight Savings has struck and while I love having the extra hours, at the end of the day, it really screws with my mornings.

I woke up at 7 (really 6) with the intentions of grabbing some coffee and getting ready for my long run, but it was dark. I promptly went back asleep! Now, it’s just after 8 (really 7), I won’t be ready ’til 9 (really 8) which means come 11 (really 10), as the mercury rises to within my uncomfortable zone, I will NOT be a happy camper.

Hopefully I will be adjusted by next weekend, but as for now I better get this party started.

How about you? Does daylight savings help or hinder your workouts?

Run Happy, My Friends!

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Comic

  1. You should have just got up and take a nap after the run! Day light savings didn’t do too much to me, I didn’t have to be up for anything. I took a nap later anyway! Remember, naps are your friend!

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