How Bad Do You Want….errr Believe It?

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” -Norman Vincent Peale


Lately I’ve had several discussions, with friends, all containing one common element:


One is in the process of loosing it, another wonders why she never found it to begin with, and a third is questioning where the hell his ran off too. Right now, I consider myself lucky to be on a search and rescue mission for others and not trying to locate my own personal motivator.

Now, many people tend to confuse motivation with how much they may want something. Ahhh, if only it were that easy! 

Motivation is defined as the inner power or energy that pushes an individual toward acting, performing actions and achieving.

Motivation is really just about someone’s desire and ambition, and if they’re absent, motivation tends to be absent as well. All too often, a person has the desire or “the want” to achieve their goal, but lacks the push, initiative and willingness to take action and/or do the work that is required to reach that goal. This is attributed to lack of motivation…or a loss of it.

It happens to everyone from time to time. The key, is to get it back. And quickly!

In order to do so, it’s imperative to alter the way in which one thinks. No longer is simply wanting success enough. An individual must actually BELIEVE they can succeed (do you mean it? ) and BELIEVE in the steps that will lead to success, in order to for that to carry over and translate into actual success.

Is it more important to want to achieve your goals or to BELIEVE you will achieve them? Would you rather have someone want something for you or have them BELIEVE in you?  

I realize this is easier said than done so, for now, this is going to be a regular occurrence around here…

A weekly pep talk of sorts.

So we can find what’s gone missing.

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.  ~Vincent Van Gogh
Ride Happy, My Friends!

3 thoughts on “How Bad Do You Want….errr Believe It?

  1. When my motivation fades, I just pop “Miracle” into the DVD player, and I’m good for another month!

    Seriously, though, motivation is very personal thing. I tend to latch on to whatever I can use and try to exploit it mercilessly with myself. I am very proud (a strength and a weakness). Sometimes I use that knowledge about myself to drive myself. When I first decided to run a marathon, I told everyone at the office, in the hopes that it would be so humiliating for me to admit to everyone there that I didn’t follow through with it, that I would endure all the training involved in finishing in my time goal. That was just one way that I tried to keep myself motivated, but I remember it as one of the more effective… for me, anyway.

    Great choice of topics! I wish I were as thoughtful in my blog…

    • You are so correct…motivation is so personal and we all have to find what works fo us. Mine may not do it for you and vice versa. It’s like borrowing someones Ipod on a run…UGH!!! It’s just awful, OR it can be wonderful and life changing!! I agree that telling people what you’re doing keeps you honest. I’m the same way. And hey, don’t change a thing…I love your posts!!

  2. Cool post, great reminder too. I think I take my motivation for granted a lot, I rarely feel unmotivated to do things, well, unless it’s going to work, but that’s another story.
    Great quote too “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ~Vincent Van Gogh

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