Paying It Foward

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight  Japanese Proverb


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We keep seeing these sad, sad images coming out of Japan.

Maybe it’s because the devastation involved a 23-26 ft wall of water. It could be that boats, trees and lumber have been scattered from one end of town to another. Perhaps it’s the images of citizens standing in line for food and water that bring back those memories of our own natural disaster. 

Whatever the actual reason may be, folks here on the Gulf Coast feel like they can relate, just a bit, to what the folks in Japan are dealing with right now.

One thing I have found fascinating this the past week is that there have been NO…NONE, ZERO reports of looting. No one is breaking into stores to steal TVs, computers, designer jeans, purses, makeup or even food and water. No one is blaming someone else for nature’s fury and wondering why a national, state or local official is not there to save them yet.

Nope. These folks are appear to be taking care of business and taking care of their families, friends, neighbors and anybody else that happens to be in their path. An amazing concept, don’t you think? 

It is important to note that the majority of the LA/MS/AL gulf coast did the same, but the news chose to portray another story. I guess that’s because there actually WAS another story. I personally would rather see and hear about the strong, brave men and women rising above adversity as opposed to the deadbeats and whiners playing a useless blame game. But then that’s me.

But enough of that…this is about the folks over in Japan.

BoyGenius was asking us what he could do to help, so I started looking around today. Now we have to be careful with this child…you see, he’s a giver. He donated all of his coin to the Haitian Relief Efforts at his school when that disaster struck. His teacher actually called us to be sure we knew what he was doing….which we didn’t, but it was his money so he was free to spend it how he wanted….within legal limits of course. I bet he’s now wishing that he had held some back for his Pokemon Relief Efforts.

But this will be a good start:

I have a link on top of my sidebar as well.

If you text REDCROSS to 90999 then $10.00 will be donated to the relief efforts in Japan. The $10.00 will be billed to your cell phone carrier and you can donate as many times as you like (Now I sound like Ryan Seacrest on America Idol :)). But let’s keep that little tid bit from my child.

I personally think most of us can spare $10.00 or do without something, this week, in order to help somone else.

Let’s Pay it Forward…

Train Happy, My Friends!

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