Oops, I’ve Done It Again

Well it seems my hamstring has gone and gotten annoyed with me yet again. Not quite as mouthy as last year, but it’s definitely voicing its dislike for my recent fondness of track intervals.

Luckily it’s not torn, but it does have issues (don’t we all?) which could lead to another tear if I don’t get it under control ASAP. It seems lefty has a complex with being puny and weak compared to its rival righty.

It really is my own fault, so I can’t complain too much. I’ve been avoiding the gym, like the plague, since spring has sprung and have, therefore; done NO strength & resistance work in a very long time 🙄 . Now my entire right leg, calf to sit bone, feels like:

So what’s a girl to do?

  1. Rest 
  2. Ice 
  3. Compression 
  4. Swim and Cycle
  5. Foam Roll As If Life Depends On It 
  6. Stretch 
  7. Strengthen

Then try to run again. If said hamstring is still pissed off, repeat cycle. Which is fine and dandy, in principle, except our first tri is in 2 weeks. You know what they say, timing is everything!

Luckily I’m starting to back my mileage down to rest and recover a bit anyway. Hopefully Humpty Dumpty can be put back together in time. I don’t think it will be something that will enable me from racing, but I certainly don’t want to cause a more permanent injury by pushing the envelope.

So CAUTION is the word, the mantra if you will, for the next two weeks. Not my strongest trait, but a skill I need to hone nonetheless. Wish me luck!

Swim Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Oops, I’ve Done It Again

  1. Rest that hammie! 🙂 Good luck taking it easy. (I have the hardest time staying disciplined when all I want to do is go, go, go! I have a torn ligament and tiny fracture in my collarbone, but that couldn’t stop my cardio. My doc, literally, yelled at me on the phone. 🙂


    • Oh Sarah I KNOW how much I need to rest it, but I just keep testing it…it IS getting better though and the kinks are easing, thank heaven for the pool….injuries are such a pain in the butt, however I am determined to be smarter and wiser this go round. And hey, I’m married to my Dr. (well, kinnda he doesn’t really treat ME per say) and he yells at me ALL the time for being too stubborn to rest, heal or even just take a day off! 🙂 I’m convinced it’s what makes us good at all this, if we were easily persuaded to stop…think how simple it would be on race day to get plastered with a DNF!!!

  2. Those hamstrings, once aggrivated, seem to keep raising their ugly painful heads when we try to push the limits. I’ve got a nagging ham. on the right leg. As soon as I do any speed work…”HELLO!” It’s like it doesn’t want to be forgotten.

    I’ve been the same kind of slacker for weight training this season. Just can’t get into it.

    • Why is the gym such a drag?? I wish I could force myself to get in there, but I just can not do it. My PT emailed me some strengthening exercises to try with the ball and some isometrics for out on the track…we’ll see how it goes. AND…OMG, you recipe for the shrimp, orzo and cabbage…it’s dinner tonite!!! I couldn’t stop salivating as I copied it down!! 🙂

  3. Hope your hamstring gets its act together quick!
    Seems like you’ve got a good attitude about it, not freaking out is good!
    If you don’t want to strength train at the gym, why not do lunges/squats at a park? I’ve done it, it feels a little weird, but whatever, at least you’re outside!!

    • Thanks…as far as NOT freaking out…well, I learned a few things the 1st go round. Namely that tantrums merely delay the healing process and make others that are forced to be around you think you are a miserable, miserable soul (which I WAS, but perhaps I didn’t need to advertise it quite so vividly 🙂 ) So, I take it for what it is…try to be a bit kinder to my body and it seems to treat me better in return….still learning, every single day!!!

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