It is RACE WEEK…and it’s this tiny towns very 1st triathlon. Hopefully they know what they have in store as 400+ folks descend on the brand new development, just north of Biloxi, come 6:30 am Saturday morning. While this week is one of reduced training, it will be busy checking over Lola (my prized Cervelo), gathering up gear and attempting to answer that most important question:

Do I or do I not wear a wetsuit?

Water temperature is hanging around 70F and I don’t need it for buoyancy or to help me feel comfortable in the water. As a matter a fact, I think I will lose time in transition taking the damn thing off. 

But, burrr that water! However, distance covered is only 1/3- 1/2 mile so I doubt hypothermia will be an issue!

Sooo, tell me….

Wetsuit or no wetsuit?

6 thoughts on “RACE WEEK TOON

  1. If I were in your shoes, I would probably opt for the wet suit. Body temperature can drop quickly and I’d prefer to avoid shivering through it. That’s one less worry in my opinion. Can’t wait to hear the results!

  2. hmmm, don’t think it will make me just swim faster? 🙂 Man, you should see me try and get out of the damn thing…its like trying to get the golfball out of the garden hose. Wears me out just thinking about it!

  3. I have zero experience with the wetsuit, if you can do it without, I’d go without, that way you’re not wasting time trying to rip it off.
    Good luck, I’ll be patiently waiting for your recap!

    • Water is temp 69 and we’ve had horrid rain alll nite so I’m sure it will cool things a bit. My husband is going w/o and he is may more deficient in the fat layer than I…Also a tad quicker in the water however. General opinion among the many who have done it with and without is always go without fro the shorter races if comfortable. Some folks really feel they need the suit for “moral support”…who knows, may be a game time decision!

  4. Hubby (my foremost authority on all things fitness) says WETSUIT! Be that as it may, I hope that whatever you decide works perfectly!


  5. Good to know Sarah, thank you! I ended up chatting with the guys putting on the “show” and last check, it was 70 at the bottom and they said pretty cozy…but advised to bring the suit and warm up in the water prior to start and see what I thought..now if I could just find my Trislide otherwise its plain ole Pam!!

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