Sunday’s Comic

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend. I know we are! definitely lots of fishing, beer drinking and eating way too much of those things that shouldn’t even be allowed in the house. No complaints from me though.

I managed to get in a 4.2 mile walk with my mom who is in town. She loathes outdoor exercise (more of a gym bunny) so a little shout out to her for trying something new..and not even complaining.

Yesterday I hit my 7.25 long run, spot on, at a 10.24/min mi (2 mins slower than 5k pace). My heart rate average remained under 155 BPM and THAT was with wind, sun and heat my friends. I felt great and so today I’m thinking a ride is definitely in order before we start boiling our Easter crawfish (if you’re wondering, ask google 😉  ). I’m lovin’ Dr. Maffetone and there is a definite method to his madness.

Enjoy the day, it is beautiful out there!

Run Happy, My Friends!

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Comic

  1. Kudos to both you and Mom!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying some fun food along the way!! And just how do all of those beers, Easter candy and crawfish work into that Kreb Cycle Dr. Junk Miles?! 😉

    • Thanks, it was good! Its been hard to force myself to run longer than 5-6 with no long distance races until fall. But, its nice to slow down for a while! Hey, good luck this weekend!

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