Holy Bike Seat Batman!

Good Lord…I have no idea WHAT has happened with Lola’s bum cradle, but it must be fixed and soon!

I ride on a women’s specific Specialized saddle and according to every MAN who chats with me at the bike shop, its SUPPOSE to be comfortable because it’s the best.

Well, sorry man-folk…’tis not the case.

Things were hunky dory until I added the aerobars a few weeks ago. Now, since I’m bent over the entire ride, the nose of the seat is bruising the ever-living hell outta me. We’ve adjusted it numerous times and nada!

But you know…it really SHOULD be comfortable. WTF ever!

I am just now healed up enough from Sunday, to even contemplate riding again….not totally there, but at least willing to think about it. That’s just freakin’ ridiculous and totally unacceptable.

Sooooo, if anyone out there can help a girl out, it would much appreciated.

Let me know what you’re riding on and in particular, if you can ride in the drops and still wear pants the following week. 😉

Many Thanks!

Train Happy, My Friends!

2 thoughts on “Holy Bike Seat Batman!

    • Well the jist from the emails I got was to tilt the nose of the saddle down…so I shall try this for my weekend ride and see how it goes…BTW, mens cycling pants have WAY more padding than women’s…..My husband and I got ours confused and when I discovered this I may invest in a mens pair or steal a pair of his. It was; however, worrisome to discover we wear the same size pants these days…UGH!!!

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