The Great Motivator

Music and sport go hand in hand.

While we can’t race with it in triathlon, almost everyone has their earpieces on and iPods going, in the transition area, prior to the start of any event. 

Music pumps you up or calms your nerves….or maybe even a bit of both.

We all have our favorites; those certain songs that just “speak” to us.

These are the songs that get us through the tough workouts, the days we don’t feel like putting on our Asics much less running 8+ miles. These are the songs we know so well, that they replay over and over in our heads as we fight the wind and climb that last hill on the 50 mile ride. It’s the song that makes us forget about that black line mocking us as we go back and forth, back and forth….and back and forth. 

Right now, this one is “speaking” volumes to me. The whole song puts me back into focus when I start to drift and began sending invites to my, “Wow, this really hard and I’m really tired!” pity party.

The video, an added motivational find, is a tribute to a great cyclist….you may have heard of him, I dunno???!!! 🙂


Now I ask, what goes through your head while your out pounding the pavement, hammering the highways, and perfecting your bilateral breathing? Do share!

Ride Happy, My Friends!


2 thoughts on “The Great Motivator

  1. I agree, music makes me want to move! In my most recent 8k race I debated whether or not to bring my ipod, at the last minute I was like, “it pumps me up, WHY NOT?”.
    Lance who? haha, kidding.
    I don’t do music on the bike, but during the run I love my garbage pop music.

  2. Noooo, music on the bike is dangerous!! But it’s good to have some playin’ in our head when the going gets tough !!! or I just pretend I’m Lance Armstrong strong!!

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