Sticker Envy

Have you seen a car like this? Pardon the truck-nuts (y’all do recall where I live right??)

Anyway, these little stickers can bring up some pretty passionate feeling amongst fellow recreational athletes.

I personally don’t have any on my car, with the exception of my USA triathlon sticker, but I certainly don’t fault anyone for displaying their accomplishments.

I have most of my stickers slapped on the cover of my training logs or on the front of the fridge to keep ME motivated as opposed to the back of my car to keep YOU motivated!!! Ahhh-ha, now you see how my mind works 😉

Some runners are downright nasty about these harmless little adhesives. A few even resort to name calling and belittling the person with the sticker (s). It’s like endurance athlete bullying. Who really gives a rats ass?

I do think some folks go a smidge overboard…maybe just a tad?? But I’m not going to call the sticker police and have them issued a citation or take away their Newton’s and accuse them of not being a “real” runner simply because they’re proud of their accomplishments.

What say you?

Do you have sticker envy? Do you call out others who display their works or are you one of the many who proudly slap their accomplishments on the back window for all to see?

Now I did find some stickers I really like and may just consider putting on each of our vehicles….

Whatcha think?

Run Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Sticker Envy

  1. HAHAHA @ the last one, that’s great! That’s genius!
    I think getting the same sticker after every 140.6 is a bit much, but it’s a huge accomplishment too, so YAY for this person. I didn’t even notice the truck nuts till you mentioned it!

  2. Maybe just adding all the 140.6’s up and going to cafe press and getting a single sticker that has 703 printed on it would be the answer…total achievement instead of listing each one ????!!!! 🙂

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