To Swim Or Not To Swim

5 days and counting, which means…

Yup, it’s TAPER MADNESS. So excuse me if I’m off topic and rambling a bit today.

I’m sore. I’m tired. I’m bored. I hurt. I’m nauseated and have no idea how I’m suppose to race on Sunday. I’m sick of hydrating and all I really want is a tall mocha latte from Starbucks…or maybe a Bud Lite Lime.

Man I love this week! 5 days left…did I say that already?

Luckily, there’s a lot going on around here.

Yesterday was the 5150 in New Orleans, which turned into ANOTHER duathlon/biathlon (whatever..) thanks to the wind and choppy water conditions of Lake Pontchartrain. Some of you may recall 70.3 being converted into a 69.1 for the same reason.I swear some triathlete, that hates to swim, put a curse on this lake.

SIDE NOTE: I need to give a HUGE shout out to my BFFs husband, and therefore my BFF by marriage, for finishing the 5150 1st in his division!! YES HE DID!!! With that stellar performance he earned a spot at the Hy-Vee championships in Des Moines, Iowa over Labor Day weekend. Way to kick some ass and take some names!! I am in awe of your hard work and discipline! I hope to be just like you when I grow up!!! 🙂


Now, Sunday my swim is also slated to be in Lake Pontchartrain. I don’t know if y’all were aware, but there’s been a little issue with the Mississippi River rising and flooding everyone in its path over the past few weeks.

Geography Lesson: The Mississippi River flows south, originating in Minnesota and terminating in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles south of New Orleans and the lower Louisiana parishes (we don’t have counties in these parts…we like to be different ya’ know). These areas are well below sea level and tend to flood with heavy summer rains or hurricanes (ahem!). After the catastrophic flood of the 1920’s (similar to recent events) levee systems were built to protect the citizens and their property, but as mother nature would once again show us all…there really is no way to effectively protect all the people, all the time. See, some lucky government official got to make the call last week to A) open the levees, save New Orleans and Baton Rouge (Geaux Tigers!) by sacrificing the folks in the lower parishes by flooding their homes or B) keep the levees closed and turn New Orleans into a great big fish bowl.

Decisions, Decisions…Can you guess what’s happening right now in the great state of Louisiana?

The water is a flowin’…..

And it’s most likely already made it into Lake Pontchartrain (do you see where I’m headed with this yet?), altering the conditions of the lake, quite possibly making it unsuitable for swimming.

Which means my triathlon Sunday could very well end up being a duathlon. Which just plain SUCKS!

Not as badly as having your home flooded, or having someone decide to flood home, but sucks none the less.

I’m hopeful the water will test clean and all will be a “geaux”, but I’m also realistic. I KNOW what that river water contains and so I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for the swim being cancelled.

Friday’s email from race officials said all was fine and the swim would go on as planned, but it was one of those generic PR statements that went out to the 5150 racers as well so I’m not overly optimistic.

For now, I sit, rest, meditate in attempts to contain my hostility, and wait for updates.

5 days and counting…

Swim Happy, My Friends!

One thought on “To Swim Or Not To Swim

  1. live a little! Have your Starbucks AND budlight lime! Good luck in the IronGirl, you’ll do amazing!!
    And thanks for the geography lesson!

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