Is No News Really Good News?

I keep waiting to hear SOMETHING….ANYTHING from race officials about this damn swim Sunday and there has not been a single freakin’ word.

I’m getting reports from friends in the city about gators, snakes the length of SUV’s and these lil’ guys….families of nutria setting up camp around the swim exit.

Stress? Anxiety? Naa, who wouldn’t mind swimming amongst Louisiana’s finest swamp rats??!!

On Monday, if you recall, I wanted to swim. The thought of NOT swimming was really irritating me.

So now I sit here popping Zantac like its Pez and I’m totally reconsidering my desire to swim in that lake….

On a positive note, my stroke rate is down to 17-18 per 25 yds. My speed unfortunately has not improved all that much. So while I won’t be able to out swim the shit in the water any faster than before , I won’t be near as fatigued if I make it out alive.

AquaDoc keeps telling me I only need to be faster than the person in back of me and I’ll be fine… until I land at the Nutria Welcoming Center. UGH!

BUT… my good friend Trish will be here, from Tampa, to race with me. Together we will overcome and prevail!

And my husband can prescribe antibiotics should I come down with a nasty infection or dreaded disease so I DO have all possible bases covered, right?

Geeze, only in New Orleans!

Train Happy, My Friends!

2 thoughts on “Is No News Really Good News?

  1. omg are you kidding? Swamp rats? no thank you! You’re a champ to swim with those critters hanging around!
    Good to hear your swim is improving!
    Good luck, you’ll kick ass!

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