Back To Reality

Once a year I take a week or so off and really recharge. Last week was that week.

The combination of everyday stressors (work, house, family) plus training really start to take a toll. I doubt many of us realize how hard we push to get through the weeks, but it definitely has an effect on health, training and performance.

When we left for Aruba, I had just finished Iron Girl New Orleans and had tweaked a muscle in my hip just prior to the race.

One of my vacation goals was to read Sage Roundtree’s, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery. I know I have a HUGE problem with training at too high of an intensity and after months of doing this I end up hurt and exhausted. So this was step 1 in creating my new training block.

It is a great book for everyone, not just triathletes. It covers every aspect of recovery and regeneration from water/hydration to the ways in which to incorporate active recovery into your harder interval/tempo sessions. It also touches on supplements, compression gear, EMS, and of course yoga. It really helped me write my training plan for my next race in July.

As far as the rest of the trip it was very relaxing and JUST what the Dr. ordered 🙂 .

We did manage a run on our 2nd day there, but my legs felt like bricks as we ran up the mountain and my husband runs at a pace that I could only keep up with in my dreams! So it wound up more like me running a mile or so, then stopping to walk while screaming at the haze of yellow sneakers far ahead to slowwwww down and wait up. I just know if I could run topless, like he does, it would make all the difference, but it is what it is! Obviously, my body needed more rest.

This is outside our villa where we ran. Not bad, even if your forced to walk!

This place is full of cyclist too. They were riding all day up out in front here. We actually watched a 40k race Saturday morning with teams from Aruba, Curacao, and Venezuela. AquaDoc walked up to the start/finish and chatted up some folks and actually spoke to the girl who finished 1st for the women. She had this cool pink helmet and I’d been watching her ride in front of the villa all week. She said there are ony 3 women on the ENTIRE island that cycle. ONLY THREE! Pretty good odds, eh?

We rented some mountain bikes for the week and I gave “off-roading” a shot. I quickly decided I will not be entering any Xterra events in the near future. My husband kindly refused helmets and I, in turn, refused to ride…WTF, who doesn’t wear helmets??? So he went back and got them and then I proceeded to walk my mountain bike down the boulder-like gravel path. If you have not been on one of these things, they are really HEAVY. I have  a whole new respect for those folks in the fat tire division. I doubt I could rack these things as I tore up my leg with the crank just trying to pick it up off the ground. We made it back to the road, but then we were faced with winds from hell. The kite-surfing guys told us winds in Aruba are sustained at 30 knots and gust higher. These islanders all ride old, beat up road bikes with NO aerobars and NO special wheelsets. And they average about 23-25 mph. Man, if they had technology on their side they would be crazy fast.

This was the extent of my open water swimming!  I’m getting some ab work in as well so bonus points for me!!

I snorkeled a few times as well (not as much as the kids who were on a quest to find Dory and Nemo) and we had every intention of logging some miles in sea, but that time simply got filled with better stuff.

And based on how I feel now, upon my return, I think it was a week well spent.

BUT…I never forget what looms in the future….always thinking…

I think I settled on Galveston 70.3 on April 1, 2012… I just love that it is on April Fools Day! AquaDoc is still trying to wrap his mind around it, but I have confidence he’ll get there  AND

There is a sprint and olympic tri in Aruba every July. Mark your calendars! And train on HILLS and into a 30-40 knot headwind!! Oh, pack your bike too!

 Train Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Back To Reality

  1. Sounds like a blissful perfect week off. We all need that. Our bodies, our minds and our spirits. 🙂

  2. Welcome back to reality! Sounds like a good read, I may have to snag a copy in my near future.
    Glad you had a great vacation and got all rested up to train hard again.
    I agree, that is a neat day for a 70.3 APRIL FOOLS!!

    • All rested up and ready to batte the heat and humidity….NOT!!! Even the 2500 in he pool was difficult…can’t wait to try and run!! April Fools is perfect, no??!! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great vacay—and that you really needed a rest! Way to listen to your body! BTW, I finally added your blog to my blogroll….I read it often, and it’s about time I did!

    • Thank you missy..I enjoy yours as well and just got around to updating mine this past week now that I have some time since school has come to a happy end !!! Congrats on your 1/2 Mary PR…you are a racing machine… what a fine example you are setting for those kiddos. I know they are so proud of their mamma !!!!

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