This training block has been all about time.

Throw caution (and computers….GASP!) to the wind and listen to the body! An almost holistic training protocol, in my opinion.

The heat and humidity has been setting daily records down here, so trying to hit specific numbers, day in and day out, is pointless. 

It would do nothing but lead to frustration, overreaching, and possibly a touch of “repeated overexertion” syndrome 😉 .

Plus, this block is really about acclimation. Its been a few years since I have been healthy enough to race in the heat and even longer since I’ve had a true desire to do so well.

When this block began, I had some serious work to do as far as teaching my body how to handle the great outdoors, with all its humidity glory, and the only real way to do that safely was to just put in some old-fashioned time.

BUT…I am still a numbers girl. A data junkie. A quantitative freak of sorts.

I have to constantly double-check myself. To be sure what I’m “feeling” is right.

I was supposed to pitch the computers 3 weeks ago when this began. I couldn’t do it. I’m not “there” yet.

I have yet to master the ability to trust myself.

It’s coming though, in time.

3 weeks to raceday…Houston, TX

Run Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Ditching the watch and garmin for a lot of runs has been freeing. Same on the bike even. I raced the first two years of triathlon without a bike computer and was wicked fast. My training partner does it mostly on feel alone and I am digging it.

    But….I do love my garmin 🙂

    • You know I don’t race with any of it…Well, I use my heart rate monitor up until the last few miles or so…esp on the bike b/c I can push hard forever and then run out of gas on my run. So I have to knock it down a bit, but I base it on my HR NOT power…b/c I figure it just doesn’t matter. it is what it is..I have to keep my HR in a certain zone or I’ll crash and burn, regardless what a powermeter says…same w/ the early part of the run. My pace is irrelevant if my HR is through the roof..I’ll have to stop and walk at some point. I’m learning how to feel and trust my HR zones better this block though. I’m also still learning how to really “hurt” on that last leg…and to only do it at then end. At a certain designated point I turn off the HR watch and just go. I LOVE looking for that marker and knowing, “it’s time”. Race strategey has become so very important since I’m not the strongest runner!

    • What is up with these things? They are always in need of a fix..UGH, so annoying! I now have 2 b/c , as you can tell, I can’t function w/o it. I have to have a back-up.

  2. You’re right on about it being pointless hitting certain #’s when it’s just stupid hot out. Train smart. You’re better off.
    And I totally get how hard it is to trust yourself! It’s all about the pep talk and HTFU 🙂

  3. The heat and humidity just kills me. Getting use to it but not nearly as much as I would like. As I told you on Twitter I am a sweat machine. I like to have the numbers but I don’t get my feelings hurt too much anymore when I can’t hit my goals because of the Southern Summers!!

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