Finding the Monday MoJo

Its been a hard few weeks, down here, battling the heat and humidity. At times, I think it’s getting the better of me. 

Wearing me down..bit by bit. Draining me…Sucking out every bit of want and desire that I have to succeed.

I know we all feel it, that mental struggle that weighs on us from time to time.

Those moments when we ask ourselves, “what the hell am I doing and why the hell am I doing it?”

Sometimes a little perspective is all that’s needed…

To help find the answer that lies within…

“Mental toughness is going out to train when your inner self screams not to: it is frigid outside, it is 100 degrees, you are tired, your muscles ache, and it’s too early in the morning or too late at night. You work through these urges to skip the workout and go out there and just smash it. Then you know when race day comes along, you have pushed the limit so when the race heats up you can squeeze out that extra little bit because you have done it before.” -Joanna Zeiger Ph.D, Professional Triathlete, Scientist, and 2008 70.3 World Champion

Train Happy, My Friends!

5 thoughts on “Finding the Monday MoJo

  1. Straight up! I don’t ever want to be a product of my environment. I don’t want to be average. I want to set myself apart from the rest. Great post and video!!

  2. It’s always fantastic to find a short clip, like this, to help visualize why we’re all doing this! Each of us have different events, hurdles getting there, and goals to meet… but in the end we all want the same damn thing…thanx y’all!

  3. What has helped me stay motivated is investing in an expensive pair of running shoes. I don’t like wasting money! I also bought several pairs of comfy men’s calf socks after my boyfriend caught me stealing his. Now if I don’t get up and run, these are all going to waste and I won’t let it happen.

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