Rewind and Repeat

I am on the quest.

Yes, I’m always looking for something. Today it’s a new mantra.

I have tons of quotes, songs, and phrases locked away in my mind to use when necessary. Mantra’s are different.

They tend to be shorter and contain key words to pull you through a tough scenario. A short word or two, 10 in my case it seems, that snaps you out of that bad mental mojo and puts the mind where it needs to be so you can get to conquering the task ahead. 

I desperately need a good one of those…and SOON.

Last Sunday my 7.5 mile run turned into a mental battle of endurance instead of the physical one I had planned. It was a hot, humid, sunny morning with no breeze. The heat index was 92 at 6:30 when I started and rose quickly from there. The only “mantra” I could come up with, to convince myself to keep going was, “you are not going to die on this road right now, today.”Although, I wasn’t totally convinced of this fact until around mile 6.5.

I’ve been having issues with my saddle as well. A short mantra, something other than, “hang in there, soon you’ll be off this piece of shit seat” would definitely give me something a bit more constructive to focus on during those last 15-20 miles.

So here’s where y’all come into the equation. Share some of those empowering words that get you through the really tough mental battles. Do you have some that you tried and they ehhh, didn’t quite cut it?? Fill me in. I am the mantra sponge, absorbing any and all you’ve got.

I’ll let y’all know when I find “THE” one. It needs to be soon though…

2 weeks till Houston

Ride Happy, My Friends!

10 thoughts on “Rewind and Repeat

  1. “….And this too shall pass”….”Pain is temporary, accomplishment is forever”….
    Push through it by taking your mind elsewhere…
    You can do it!

  2. Ahhh, just 2 more weeks!! When I train in crappy conditions, I remind myself, “you’re a badass.” You could also do a variation on my mantra in Hawaii: “I eat heat for breakfast.” They kinda make me laugh, which is needed!

  3. How about “Pain in temporary, but your finishing time posted on the internet is forever”?

    My personal mantra is HTFU (harden the f*ck up). I tell myself I am a triathlete, a half marathoner, a runner, an athlete, and to HTFU and get it done.

    • Sugar..I thought that the ENTIRE run Sunday!! I KNEW physiologically I was not going to die b/c my HR was nowhere near that point…so lots of, “HTFU and get this done” was said between the, “oh come on now, you are NOT going to die on this road right now!”
      And yes, knowing those times are there for the ENTIRE world to view always helps a bit too!! I think about that one as well!

  4. Love Sugarmagnolia’s comment! Here is my mantra, “I can f$%king do it!” You have an amazing and infectious positive attitude even when your girly bits are killing you. You are stronger than anything that crosses your path! On the 17th we will both be hunting numbers and never looking back!

    • Aww, thank you and you inspire my old aching arse more than you imagine!!…And on the 17th I’ll be racing right there w/ ya, glad to have your mojo on my side…ever so glad I’m not literally having to RUN you down !!! It’s gonna be a good day…I can feel it!!! 🙂

  5. The only mantra that recently worked for me was thinking about my physical therapist who told me to quit running. But I think it’s time for a new mantra for me too. I can’t wait to snoop through your comments, hopefully I’ll pick up a new one too!
    Think about how bad you want Galvestan, how awesome it will be to finish that 70.3, about how great you feel when you get through the tough workout. That usually works for me.

    • Ok, I am in total agreement you need a new mantra too. We shall find you one quickly!! And maybe a new PT as well. You seem to be back and running pretty well my dear…guess you showed ’em whose boss!

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