Looking Back

This week I’ve been reading everyone’s monthly training summaries and decided that I too, should be keeping up with this data.

I mean, I keep up with it. I log and track everything! But I tend to review my training data after a race and I really think that may be too little, too late. A monthly review will allow for any concerns to be identified and corrected before they become BIG issues. Then new goals can be set for the next month, reviewed, and so the process goes.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to see how may donuts DailyMile says you’ve burned to date!

Here’s what kept me busy in July:

  • Swimming: 6 miles
  • Running: 53 miles
  • Cycling: 280 miles
  • Total Mileage: 338 Miles
  • Total Time: 25 hours 24 Minutes

At first glance I thought, “huh, kinnda slacking a bit this month.”

Then I stepped back for a moment and took a few more seconds to recall the month as a whole.

I had a mid-July race and while I normally wouldn’t taper for a sprint, I had been unable to work in any reduced volume days because the block was only 5 weeks long. Since I hadn’t enjoyed a break in over a month and it had been so hot & humid, I went ahead and cut my mileage back a bit before the race to give my body a chance to recover.

Then, the actual event itself proved to be a Suffer Fest of epic proportions. It took close to a week to fully recover from racing in the heat and humidity of south Texas. There was not a lot of training going on upon our return to Mississippi.

Despite all that, I managed to put up solid numbers on the bike continuing to gradually build my base so that come January, I’ll have a nice foundation as 70.3 training jumps into high gear.

My run is suffering because of the heat. I hate to train in the evenings and when I’m forced to wait until 8pm or later, I just don’t do it. Once we get some cooler weather and I can get in some lunch runs or even my morning back to back run/swim sessions then I’ll feel a bit better.

Which brings me to my Short Term Goals:

  •  increase my running mileage by 10% without any focus on pace until it cools down
  • now that school is back in session, return to swimming at least 12 miles/month
  • average 105 cycling miles/week

Lets see how I do….

Till next month

and by the way… 541 donuts since February!


Swim Happy, My Friends!

10 thoughts on “Looking Back

    • I was really amazed to go back and look at the past 6 months and see how good I’ve been. I’ve done such a good job gradually increasing my overall and individual miles without really reflecting back to check…I sent a spreadsheet to my PT that initially took care of me after my hamstring injuries…he’ll be so proud that I’m actually doing it the right way!!! 😉

  1. I also find it useful to do a monthly data set. I should also say that it normally makes more sense after 6 months looking back, I’m sure you’ll find that to be the case Jenn. Penrhyn David

    • And I you….you are an impressive machine, my friend! I have several goals, not written down (b/c I know I’m not ready to be 100% faithful!), but in my mind that were set due to reviewing YOUR sessions…you’re the inspiration! 😉

    • I agrree…it’s so hard when “life” gets in the way and we are not seeing what we want to see. Just set 1 small one and think how great it will feel when you’re able to hit it!! Baby steps!

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