Friday Find

OH MY……. it has been a long time since I brought y’all a super cool item that I’ve located.

Well I promise to not keep my finds so secretive in the future. What can I say, I get busy bitching about the heat and such and things slip my mind.

But as I see fall on the horizon (don’t you…come on now…see it out there??!!), I want to show you this awesome long sleeve T-shirt I found over at See Jane Run.

First, if you haven’t been there…go (RUN!) now. They have some of the greatest running/fitness apparel I have come across in a long time.

They also have a pretty great “mantra” and those are very important as all of y’all who keep up with things around here know.

So here’s the little number I bought in order to be properly prepared when fall comes rushing in….

The shirt is a very soft lavender by Oiselle.

The front has the phrase “There is a little bit of Jane in all of Us” printed across it and the back has the mantra I mentioned above.

It’s such a well proportioned shirt. It’s a female cut, but it is not tightly fitted. I normally order an XL in any shirt that looks to be one of those skin-tight numbers and I was able to go with a large and will have no fears when it enters dryer land.










I also ordered a bag because….well I could. I love bags much to my husband’s disappointment. I tend to pick one up any and every chance I get and this was no exception.

Hey, you never know when you’ll need an extra place to stow the bike shoes, helmet or swim gear. It never fits in bag…EVER!!


Now these are just two of the many many items that they have over at .


You really need to head over and take a look for yourself or should you be a guy, simply share your wealth of new knowledge with the ladies in your life. 🙂

I promise there is something for everyone here and probably something your neighbors won’t have yet to boot!

Y’all have an awesome weekend!!

Train Happy, My Friends!

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