Order Up: 2 Strong Legs, a Side of Good Form…and a Sense of Humor!

Today is Sunday.

So as I do every Sunday, I got my butt out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn, to do my long run before the mercury hit 10,000F.

I took a quick look at my training log to check the distance I needed to cover and this is what I saw:


huh? how the hell did I forget THAT little detail?

So as I looked onward to the coming week, it all came flooding back…..in waves.

Next up: a “run focus” week.

One of those weeks where I put my cycling shoes in the corner and really concentrate on just running. I do alternate these runs with swimming because all running and no cycling OR swimming makes Jenn very un-multisportish.

Luckly, I’m only off the bike for 1 full workout and the 2nd of the week is cut in 1/2 and has been turned into a brick…whoo-hoo! Saturday normalacy is restored as I pick up my long ride right where I left off.

The hope is that I can find my strong running legs and locate my A+ form which has gone MIA due to a heavy cycling load these past few months.

What can I say… I enjoy it more and I’m better at it.

No excuse though…I must dedicate this week to try to find what is lost.

On that note, I brewed some coffee because hey, if I’m not running I’m sucking down some java that’s for sure….

Then I started looking for some inspiration for my week O’ running.

Low and behold I found some…you know I always DO!

Since I’m that kind of girl, I decided to share.

We can all use a little something-something to get our week going, dontcha think??!!

ENJOY courtesy of the folks over at Brooks Running!

And yes, there is another because I want to double your viewing pleasure today!!

Have a great week!

And remember…. 

Whatever your plan may throw your way,  always….

Train Happy, My Friends!

4 thoughts on “Order Up: 2 Strong Legs, a Side of Good Form…and a Sense of Humor!

    • Indeed…and I did feel a bit slackadaisy..till I saw what the week held.. 5 of 5
      5 days IN A ROW of running… at least 5 miles, lucky for me some days will be longer and slower 🙂
      GAME ON!

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