Earning It Back

I’m in the middle of Hell Week.

5 days of running at least 5 miles.

There are no rules where I’ve gone. I can do whatever I want.

Fast, slow, run-walk, all walk, all run, heart rate be damned….anyway I like it is how I get it!

But I like it fast!  And I’m going to bet that the powers that be had some insight into this key bit of knowledge, when it was written into the training plan. No fear of a leisurely 5 mile walk with me. No sir,  that would be simply criminal!

I CAN do more and pile on the miles if I fancy, but I made that mistake on day 1 when I ran a smidge over 6.5.

So have no fear, my friends, I will not repeat that mistake twice.

It’s a great idea if you get to cycle or swim the next day. It’s not so brilliant when you’re staring down the calendar at a 5 miler again the next day, then again and again and again. All of a sudden that little bit “extra” seems more like sheer stupidity than ultra genius.

This is a game of endurance. It’s been an eternity since I ran, any significant distance, 2 days in a row much less 5 consecutive ones. My weekly run volume has been fairly stagnant somewhere around 15-18 miles since about April.

I’m now at 11… already…and its only Tuesday.

So out comes the foam roller, ice packs and compression pants.

I’m on a mission to rekindle that long-lost love affair with the run and hope it hasn’t totally forgotten about me.

There’s only one way to recapture what’s been missing all these months.

And that’s to get out there and earn it back.

3 days to go!

Run Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Earning It Back

    • The actuall daily mileage doesn’t sound too bad, right?? But once you start doing it…it’s like steady constant abuse….physical and mental. But the body is amazing and adapts pretty quickly! So is the mind…it just takes longer to come around!

    • Lots of reasons, I’ll write about it about it if I survive to the end of the week….A big one, is finding that “sweet spot” as far as my running goes. To be where I want to be I HAVE to be a better runner and the only way to do that is run more. My body and my mind have GOT to be able to handle the “hurt”, process it, and move on..cycling and swimming don’t cause the same discomfort for me so this is as much a mental exercise as a physical one. Crazy, you bet! That’s why I agreed! Gotta love new challenges…

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