It’s Actually Quite Simple Really…

Last weeks 5x 5 (5 days of running 5 miles+) is now in the books.

All in all I ended up covering about 28.5 miles, which is 3.5 miles more than I ran last winter when peaking for my 1/2 marathon.

It was one of the hardest weeks of training that I’ve completed in a long time, both physically and mentally. But sometimes a little shake up is just what the Dr. ordered.

I got a lot of questions about WHY I was doing this and WHAT was I suppose to be accomplishing. To be honest, I wasn’t really 100% sure until the week was over.

I knew I was focusing on my running and putting everything else on hold, but outside that it was a day by day lesson.

Now that it’s over, I’ve discovered that the true purpose of the exercise lies in what was learned…..sounds like a fortune cookie doesn’t it?

Translation: The goal was to learn about myself as a runner and to understand how I could grow and develop as a better one.


I know y’all are itching to know what I learned out there on the roads the past 5 days, so here are a few of my finest revelations…

  1. Running is very simple and often we make it too hard. Follow the K.I.S.S philosphy and see how far you go…
  2. To be a better runner, run more. It’s that simple.
  3. Speed work isn’t going to help if you can’t cover the distance. In my case it’s not going to help if I can’t get the 13.1 miles done AFTER swimming 1.2 miles and cycling 55 miles.
  4. Running hurts and there is no way around it. You have to go through that hurt and get past it to move forward. Once you accept that fact, you’ll find that you discover a happy, more tolerable place to carry on the task at hand.
  5. Long runs are better if they do not precede or follow a long ride.
  6. Being a good, efficient runner is essential to a positive race day experience.
  7. The body needs fuel. Everyone is different and just because you’re not “suppose” to need nutrition on runs under an hour doesn’t mean you never will. Be prepared or be prepared to pay!
  8. There is no substitute for stretching after a run (or a ride or a swim for that matter).
  9. Treadmills may not be all that great for the ole’ body.
  10. Everyone reading this should have a pair of good compression PANTS…not just calf sleeves…full PANTS for recovery purposes!

So there you have it. My week in in list form!

Anybody else out there learn anything new lately?

Swim Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “It’s Actually Quite Simple Really…

  1. Don’t cheat yourself out of that last mile on the bike.

    Yes, get compression PANTS. I wear mine all day Friday on my recovery day and the sleeves all the other days of the week.

    It is awesome training when we learn about ourselves.

    Congrats on getting it done.

    • Yes…a good pair of pants have saved me more times than I care to recall this past year!! And this week was no exception…I wouldn’t have made it without them!! 😉

  2. I agree, sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. I’m sure I do that. I’m a spazz though.
    I think the 5 mile runs was a great experiment. I may have to give it a try & see what I learn!

    • You are not a spazz….try it on the bike since you feel its your weakest link…no speed/cadence restrictions..just 5x 20+ miles (or 15+ if ya’ want!!) …see what you discover!!

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