The Strange World of Social Media

I’m annoyed, peeved, irritated. Call it what you will. I’ve been rubbed the wrong way one too many times.

I’ve decided that I hate FaceBook.

At least my FaceBook account.

It’s nothing more than a huge high school reunion 24 hours a day. For someone who passed on THAT fun party, the FaceBook world really has no real purpose.

People take things the wrong way, rumors spread faster than BodyGlide in T1, and “friends” turn into stalkers.

Why is that? Why is everyone so deeply invested in everyone else’s business??!! Who has time for this crap??!!

Twitter isn’t filled with this garbage. Maybe that’s why characters are limited…to keep shit from being started and/or spread!

It’s an odd, odd world over there in FaceBook.  

So here is the question…

Do I close up shop all together or just ignore it from now till the end of time?

I know… a huge decisions in these modern times, but one that need to be addressed.

I always appreciate your thoughts and words of wisdom when I’m facing a crisis. Y’all are a very insightful bunch!! 

No matter your social media preference always remember….

Train Happy, My Friends!

7 thoughts on “The Strange World of Social Media

  1. I want to delete my Facebook mostly because I don’t use it. There are a few of my family and friends that still follow my training on there so that is why I haven’t deleted it yet… and I stress YET!

  2. I used to be obsessed with FB, maybe checking it 10+ times daily. Now I check it once a day. I like keeping up with my friends, but I don’t need to know every little thing. I prefer dailymile…because people there talk about things I actually CARE about (swim, bike, and run!)

  3. Well, you could always “deactivate” your acct without totally losing it. It would appear as if you are no longer there and then if you decide to check back in one day, you can reactivate and it would pick up exactly where you left off. Funny, as i was running this AM, i was thinking how overloaded i feel with so much media networking. I definitely don’t interact on fb or twitter much but mostly b/c of time constraints. There are some people who do annoy the shit out of me w/constant, posts about nothing. I could care less that they just “checked” in at starbucks.

  4. This happens to me just about every year. I’ve never deleted it because for some people it’s the only way to keep in touch with them. It’s pathetic, but true, and there’s some people who I refuse to lose touch with.
    Every year though, something happens via FaceBook and pisses me off so much that I delete all my information from it, but leave the account open if that makes sense. I go as far as deleting all my photos because I’m sick of nosy people peeking, comparing notes, etc.

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