Gettin’ What You Want…

An old friend of mine has decided to become a runner. She wants to drop a few pounds and hopes to improve her fitness level enough to complete a few races with her friends.

Yeah! I know she will love it and be hooked. 

But she wasn’t calling for a cheerleader. She wanted a bit of advice.

This was her question, “How do I get to where I need to be by Thanksgiving?” 

First off,  I’m guessing a Turkey Trot is looming in the distance, but then that’s just a hunch.

Secondly, how does ANYONE get where they want to be? or need to be? That seems like such an easy question and one I certainly should not be needed to answer.

Being the good friend I am though, help was on the way!!



Just incase she didn’t appreciate my sarcasm, I actually gave her a training plan and some guidelines to follow along with this nifty Venn diagram.

The plan however, is the easy part here. 

As the diagram illustrates (and most of us know from firsthand experience), it takes a ton of work to go from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s what makes crossing the finish line such a spectacular moment.

I really tried to capture that feeling for her…..explain it so she would understand, but I simply couldn’t do it justice.

It’s a state of being. Something that has to be lived to be fully appreciated.

You have to put in the hours of work, earning the right to be in that moment and feeling it all finally pay off.

It’s then that it begins to really sink in and you begin to comprehend and understand what it takes to get where you want to be because you made it!

 …..and you know you’ll be back for more.


Ride Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Gettin’ What You Want…

  1. I crossed my first finish line in October of 2005. Little 5k race. Running never was the same. The start line is always waiting for me now….

  2. Well said! I always say, I don’t care how long it takes me to complete a race (even though I have a goal time in mind) it really doesn’t matter as long as I know I put the time into training.

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