Rock Me Like A Hurricane

Or  Tropical Storm Lee in this case….

Right now it’s still a depression…

It’s the primary cause of my personal depression and it’s jacking with my life.

The rain began yesterday and hasn’t stopped since.

Looking at the image above, this mess isn’t GOING to stop anytime soon.

There are some heavy squalls moving through, with boat-loads of lightening so the pool has been closed and running outdoors isn’t a viable option unless one desires electrocution.

I do not.

So the planning begins. How do I get in my training? What happens if I don’t? Stress? Obsess? Let it go?

I did manage a 7.5 run yesterday since I knew what was coming and our gym isn’t open on the weekends. Oh the joys of living in the fattest state in the union. Who needs a weekend workout, right??!!!

And I’ve got my stationary bike set-up, but really….how many days, in a row, can you sit on a trainer???

There is always the hope of a few breaks in the storm and I can go out and get a quick run in before another squall line hits.

Hey, at least it won’t be deathly hot, right??

Or maybe the universe’s is attempting to force some rest down my throat. We all know rest is AS IMPORTANT as training. Perhaps I’ll just go with flow, prop my feet up, and watch some college football!!

Decisions, Decisions!! I’m far to structured for this nonsense, but I have no choice. There is no fighting mother nature!

Y’all stay dry out there. If you are getting some of this most needed rain, enjoy it, maybe take advantage of it, and rest a little more than normal this holiday weekend.

Train Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Rock Me Like A Hurricane

  1. With Irene, I did very little (read zero) training. I was supposed to race and that got canceled. I was supposed to ride outside the day before but had to work (preparing for the hurricane).

    I didn’t feel great about it but realized all you can do is all you can do. I adjusted my schedule a bit and am now back on track (sort of like a storm).

    Good luck, be safe.

  2. Although we haven’t gotten any of the hurricane rain, we have had lots of rain, every day, at any given time not just the summer afternoon rain pattern (I know you are familiar with that since you lived here). It does totally suck and F’s with our training. Makes me cranky as hell. I can’t believe your gym is closed on the weekend! WTH? I was shocked the other day when someone from Valdosta told me their Y doesn’t open the pool on Tues/Thurs. Are you kidding? They would riot here in Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater if the Y tried to limit the pool days. Maybe GA isn’t too far behind MS for the title of fatest state. I hope you get some solid breaks in between squals.

    • Our pool is very seasonal and will soon be closing on Sat…they are NEVER open on Sun. and it is really the only game in town unless I want to drive 35 miles instead of 25 to a more expensive gym. Even then they hardly ever heat their outdoor pool so when we did drive out there we were stuck sharing lanes with people not really swimming….it’s very frustrating and why I am such a freak about my schedule. If something comes up and I miss a session or push it to the weekend then it rains and I can’t run b/c the gym is closed or the pool is no longer open on weekends I become psychotic…..I think we are going to look into buying a Cybex treadmill. Going with the flow works, then there is going around it and finding your own solutions!

  3. That is crazy that your gym isn’t open on weekends! I’ve never heard of that! Well… what you can. Do you know anyone with a treadmill in their home? Can you run in the rain? Walk? Heck, go to Target and buy some DVDs and do some fitness workouts in your living room!

    • You must come visit at least 1 time to really understand where I live!!! I can ride the trainer and I haven’t had a day off in 7 so it won’t kill me to rest for 1. That takes care of 2 days and I am hopeful by Monday that the torrential monsoon will pass and maybe I can do a bike, run, bike workout or something…I CAN and WILL run in the rain, but we re deling with buckets of rain and 40-45 mph winds so that’s a bit extreme even for me!!
      Oh..and Sugar, closest Target is about 40 minutes away!!! But I do have 42 Dollar Stores and 6 WalMarts within 15 square miles of my house!! 😉

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