Inspired by the Greatness of Others

As I sat on the trainer today amidst a torrential downpour this picture came over my cell….

My good friend of 20+ years had qualified for the HyVee 5150 championships back in May.

While I was doing my stationary tour, he was busy kicking ass in Des Moines, Iowa. He ended up placing 3rd in his division!!!

Trent is married to my childhood best friend so we’ve been close long before we discovered our mutual passion for triathlon.

That was a mere coincidence which developed much later in life.

Being such a good friend makes watching his success such a treat.

We’re racing together our last race of the season…. 10/1 in Pensacola, Florida. 

When this picture came over my cell I was getting a little bored of riding stationary and thought, “ehh, what’s cutting it a few miles gonna hurt?” 

Right then and there I knew there would be no getting off the trainer early,no skimping on my workout, no packing it in due to a little Tropical Storm…..

I’d press on just like my dear friend has done to get where he is now.

Congratulations Trent!

Your achievements are a inspiration to all those around you!!

Train Happy, My Friends!

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