August Data

Better late than never I suppose.

I have finally gotten  my August numbers ready to share and they explain so much!!!

August was my heaviest in volume thus far this year. When comparing it to July, it’s not hard to see why things went from good to bad as quickly as they did.

  • Swim: 11 miles (July 6 miles)
  • Bike: 339 miles (July 280 miles)
  • Run: 81 miles (July 53 miles)
  • Total Miles: 430 miles (July 338 miles)
  • Total Time: 37 hrs 20 mins (July 24 hrs 24 mins)

While this week my mental mojo has returned, the week prior was awful. I had lost my zest for training and quite frankly was wondering if I even wanted to race in October. I KNEW something was up.

My pulse was normal, I was sleeping fine, but I was having trouble hitting my numbers during workouts and I was becoming increasingly evil. Not to mention, my hormones were all jacked up.

A girl can tell these things you know. And so can her husband! 😉

So I cut back on the long sessions a bit, decreased the intensity a smidge, and went back to 1 full rest day a week.

Guess What?

I felt better almost immediately.

This sport requires so much tweaking and one of the biggest thing we all have to realize is that if it isn’t working, it needs to be fixed and needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. I was headed down a dark road. Luckily I’d been there before, recognized it and knew to correct it ASAP.

Now I’m back on track and feeling great!!

3 weeks till race day!!

Train Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “August Data

  1. Smart woman for figuring “it” out sooner rather than later. I know that evilness you speak of and that dark road …i hate both but sometimes they do creep in. Glad you are feeling better about the training you are putting in!

    • I forget sometimes how long it really takes to build up to the long distance. Everytime I think I can handle it and jump too quickly it knocks me on my ass…in a much different way than doing so too fast with running. Regardless, respecting the distance is a MUST!!

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