Birthdays and BikePorn

This weekend was a busy one as our son turned 14. Not busy like it use to be with Chuck-E Cheese parties and bringing 2 dozen cupcakes to school, but very busy in the sense that he doesn’t KNOW what he wants for his birthday anymore. This, in turn, leaves me running around town all week trying to find something super cool and still practical. It’s no easy task. Let me just say, I really can’t wait for Christmas!

Luckily I did recall that he and his friends have taken to posting anything and everything on YouTube as of late. While he does have video capabilities on his cell phone, it isn’t the fastest when trying to capture that humorous moment that simply must be uploaded and shared with the world.

Thank Goodness he never follows me when I’m out on a ride!!

Ultimately, we settled on this Kodak Playsport Camcorder. The gift which solves every teenage boys filming needs. It’s waterproof up to 10ft, shockproof, allows for 1080 HD filming and also takes HD still photos. Pretty damn cool and most importantly a HUGE success!!

The Darth Vader cake also provided loads of weekend entertainment as BoyGenius performed a lobotomy with a LightSaber hoping to sharpen his Jedi skills a bit. 🙂




Y’all may have heard that Lola recently went in for a pair of racing wheels. While she was there she also got a seat change and some bar tape. I FINALLY reclaimed her on Saturday and she is looking hot! You can see WonderDawg down there checking her out!

I certainly couldn’t leave AquaDoc out of all of this fun and excitement. He’s been itching for a tri/TT bike all year and has looked at a few used models here and there, but he’s always very wishy-washy when it comes time to purchase anything.

While he was in Atlanta, last week, I got word that a friend of a friend was selling their Fuji D6.

The time to act was upon us me. The price was simply too good to let go. I figured if he didn’t want it, I’d ride it!

So after 3 days of secretive phone calls, sneaking around between here and NOLA, and then rushing out at the last second to take possession, I finally got the bike home in time to surprise him.

He was ecstatic! There’s not a chance in hell of me taking ownership, of this bike, anytime soon!

Meet The Green Hornet

As luck would have it, rain has moved in so no riding as of yet, but soon…very soon!!

Hope y’all had an equally enjoyable and productive weekend.


Ride Happy, My Friends!

12 thoughts on “Birthdays and BikePorn

  1. Happy Birthday to BoyGenius! Loved the cake. Was it yummy???
    Lola and the Green Hornet look great. I bet they will look even better zooming by 25 miles an hour.

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