Have You Ever?

Oh, I’m willing to bet maybe you have. Hasn’t everyone?

 Runners Word has written about it so therefore MUST be a true phenomena.

It’s interval day and you’re cranking out the paces at max effort when all of a sudden you think…err, did I? Maybe? There’s not a bathroom for miles. No port-a-pottie to be seen.

And really, let’s be honest, you’re not ABOUT to mess up your rhythm and pace in order to seek out a shrub for what’s probably just a little trickle of Gatorade!! I mean really, it’s almost 100 degrees and the humidity is nearly at 100%. Is there any way your body is actually NOT utilizing every drop of fluid it can get into its system? How much could be in there?

In such situations, as in life, there are several choices:

  • Kegals from hell, then hope and pray….but give up on the interval work because there is NO WAY in hell you can hit 95% of max while clinching for dear life. It just won’t happen!
  • Seek and find that little shrub, tree, barn, or whatever hiding place suits you. For longer runs this works well, but for short fast runs it really defeats the purpose. But that’s just me.
  • Let it go. No really, LET-IT-GO!!

Today, I chose Door #3.

Some athletes vomit during maximal efforts, others perhaps lose all control of bowel function and yes folks, make no mistake, THAT is a miserable day in the park….

But me, I just piss my pants like a 2-year-old.

And that got me thinking……

Y’all may or may not be familiar with Big Daddy Diesel and his pukie awards. BDD and his pukies have somewhat of a cult following in the endurance athlete blogosphere. If you have not familiarized yourself with what I am referring then take a moment to do so. Ya’ never know, one day you may earn the highly coveted award yourself!

Which brings me to my point….

I have decided to create the “Go on the Geaux”  (that’s pronounced “go” for you non-southern folk) Award.

This award is given to those athletes who are out there giving it everything and then letting it all…well, go.

These individuals are focused on the here and now. The fact that there are no “facilities” does not deter these individuals one bit. They live not in fear of what others may say or how they may be judged, but in the knowledge that they have the confidence to go forward and complete their mission regardless of circumstances. These athletes “let go” knowing they can not control everything, but they can control how they react to everything.

This award will not be for masses. Some athletes still have a hard time “letting go” in the open water much less dry land. 

These things take time and certainly can not be forced or rushed. Sometimes it takes practice and other times it just happens. 

And from here on out, it is always worthy of recognition!

So if you or someone you know is deserving, email me the story so I can publish it. Please make sure they are ok with this being put out across the globe, as some folks might not be so keen on the idea of everyone knowing they’ve received the “Go on the Geaux” Award.

Now just to be sure we are all on the same page, this is an equal opportunity award. 

At first, I was concerned and thought this may be more of a female bragging right, but I was quickly proven wrong when I received a Tweet from Jason over at Cook Train Eat Race.

He stated he should be the very 1st recipient of the “Go on the Geaux” award.

So Jason, my friend, we’re all waiting for your story so you can claim your award……..

I’ll be keeping an eye out for qualified candidates, but remember I’ll always need ya’lls help.

This job is just too big to do alone!!

Train Happy, My Friends!

9 thoughts on “Have You Ever?

  1. HAHAHA!!! I can know direct people to you when they ask me for an award for this!!! I been asked probably around 10x’s to make this award. Now you are the proud presenter of it

  2. When I was in college, I ran with a girl who always had to “go” at mile 3. We could run 3 miles, we could run 8, but at mile 3, she had to go. So she would just let loose and pee herself and never break stride. The bad thing is that I didn’t even know this until we had been running together for months, and we always took my car, with its cloth seats, to the trails. She didn’t change after her run…

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