Deal or No Deal

Every now and then the stars align and things just start working out in your favor.

As y’all know it’s been a little warm here lately and as we started packing up to head to Florida, for our last tri of the season, it didn’t appear there was any relief in sight.

Yesterday I was hot southern mess as I rode a short 23 miles or so, but looked as if I had been out there for hours. I started at 8am and it was already 88F with humidity touching 90%. 

I couldn’t breathe, my sunglasses were fogged from condensation, and I was having a really hard time understanding how we were touching on Oct 1st and it was still this miserable. 

So I did what every athlete does in desperate times such as this….

I began to bargain with the Triathlete Gods.

Deal or No Deal

If they would just cut me a break and make temperatures a bit more pleasant, for just this last race, I swore that I would Never Again

  • complain when I’m cold, in the morning, setting up my things in transition
  • doubt myself, my training, and my abilities
  • not question the jackass and his measurement skills when it comes to marking off the swim course
  • bitch about the long trek (in the sand, mud, weeds) up to T1
  • gripe about the gusting winds, rolling country hills, or draw-bridge climbs on the bike courses
  • be totally unsatisfied with my performance, especially the run

I swore that I would be a pillar of positivity if they would just cut me some slack….


Yes, you are looking at a predicted low of 54F the morning we suit up and hit the course.

This body has not felt 54 degrees since February/March.

I do believe a deal has been made!

Things are definitely lookin’ up!

Run Happy, My Friends!


12 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Thanks KC. It’s what I had hoped for when I planned and registered back in Feb. It wasn’t looking good until a day or so ago…Mother Nature came through!! Hope it pushes down to your neck of the woods!! 😉

  2. You are so going to kick major ass this weekend, have a great time! Just think of how awesome those temps are going to feel.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • Good Luck…thats a bit too chilly for swimming, but you’ll warm up!! Hey..hopefully it’ll be sunny…It’s not Haloween yet so the sun has not gone into permanet Ohio hiding!!

  3. “not question the jackass and his measurement skills when it comes to marking off the swim course” —- HAHAHA, I’ve never thought of that, and now I probably will next time! THANKS A LOT!
    Good luck Sunday (today!) Give em hell!

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