Feels Like The 1st Time

Ok…well maybe not the first time, but pretty damn close!

Yesterday I ran long for the first time in what felt like decades. It wasn’t record-setting, but I conquered the 8 miles I set out to do DESPITE a lingering stomach virus.

The GI issues ended up helping more than hurting, as it forced me to run at a much slower conversational pace. I sometimes tend to abandon this golden rule and pay for it dearly at the end. Today, I started slow and stayed slow; about 2 minutes off my desired race pace. This allowed me to accomplish the mileage on legs that haven’t cranked out more than 6mi, averaging closer to 4mi, in many many months.

It had always been my intention to maintain a 10 mile long run throughout the summer, but surviving the heat and humidity eventually took precedence. My body simply couldn’t recover from long runs in those conditions. I’m hopeful next year will be better since I’ll have a year of acclimation under my belt, but I’m not one of those people who handle heat well and I’ve had to learn to accept that as opposed to try to change it.

It is what it is.

As for yesterday’s long run, I’d forgotten how nice it it can be to go slow. As I was cruising along singing to my Ipod, making sure I wasn’t overexerting myself, I found a bit of joy in running again.

THIS was nice and kinnda FUN! 😉

Then I rounded the corner between mile 6.5-7 and that old familiar feeling returned. AHH, yes I remember this! It wasn’t as bad as last years increase in distance, but uncomfortable enough to start doubting myself for not maintaining those long runs over the summer.

I mean, COME ON, what’s a little heat stroke compared to lactic acid overload??!!! Shheesh!

I had to stop belting out tunes with Billy Idol and Prince (am I giving away when I grew up??) in order to give the legs a bit of a finish line pep talk.

You know that last 1-1.5 miles of,  “yes you cans” and “stopping will only make it worse”. I could see my street, in the distance, so it certainly helped to know the end was in sight.

There are many great things about having a pool, but one of the BEST is coming in from a muscle grinding workout and having a place to recover the legs. The temperature is right at 69F right now and I went straight to the deep end and submerged myself glutes on down. No it wasn’t an ice bath, but it sure felt like it. 

A little bit of stretching, a nice recovery meal, a shower, and then some compression pants and I was as good as new.

There’s been no residual muscle soreness; no aches and pains to report and I am extremely grateful for that. It’s my hope that the high volume of cycling I did, throughout the summer, will carry over a bit and I won’t experience the same DOMS I did last year when gearing up for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

Hey, a girl can dream!!

So the first 1st hurdle of half marathon training and ultimately 70.3 preparation is in the books.

It feels good…real good to have finally tackled it again!

I hope y’all had a great weekend and accomplished all you set out to when it began!

Train Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Feels Like The 1st Time

  1. Excellent way to spin a little psychology into the long run and it worked! Mind over matter, mind over matter.
    I’m working on your plan so stay tuned and keep plugging away. I took my first “real” ice bath on Friday morning after my 20 mile run …WOW! It was awesome. I couldn’t turn the A/C on in my car for awhile.
    Glad that you are over the GI stuff, what a bummer.

    • This is such trial n error…it really is maddening. I know the process that works, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. I prefer that mid season grinding out the workouts time of year…This stuff makes me NUTS!! And take your time, no rush while I’m just living my life here in Zone 1. 🙂

    • I did pretty good this year…I gutted it out, puked a few times…BUT I’m seeing how much I gained now that the weather has shifted back to normal. My pace is almost 90 secs/mi faster although this is with another year of strenght and healing under my belt too…This past summer was the 1st one I did it and I’m not sure I’ll race in July again. BUT, I will prob maintain things for the Oct Santa Rosa race…keeps me honest and the rewards come fall are SO worth it 🙂

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