Movin’ On Up

Last Friday was my 40th birthday and as a result it was also my official entry to the 40-44 age group. “Officially” I have been racing within this bracket for all USAT events since January, but for road races and smaller tris I was still holding on to that 35-39 division.

Not anymore!

I woke up Friday morning to yard art from hell. There is nothing quite like backing out in the morning and finding a huge sign broadcasting your birthday to the neighborhood!! Luckily a cold front was blowing through and so this billboard spent most of the weekend face down due to the 20+ mph winds we were receiving.

Later than night, AquaDoc and I ran a local Halloween 5k. It was a fundraiser for the Ms/La Team in Training group and they did an outstanding job putting on their very 1st road race EVER! I ran a comfortably hard pace and my foot seemed to hold up although I could feel it pulling on the hills or when I had to fight the headwind. I came in at 26:35 so nothing to really write home about, but I knew I wasn’t going to be setting any records and that really wasn’t the goal of the night. The best part though, was I ended up placing 1st in my NEW 40-44 age group. What a fantastic way to move up. Hopefully this is setting the tone for the rest of the season!!

A witch on a broom...How cool is THAT??

The rest of the weekend was spent looking a the calendar. Some people start their year in January, but I start mine on October 28th….my birthday.

I reviewed the past 12 months and all that happened and all that was accomplished. I set some goals for next year and began plotting the race calendar for 2012.

It’ll take me a few months to hammer this out just right. Of course we already have Galveston (70.3) on the slate in April, but between school breaks, exams, camps, the horrid heat/humidity of the deep south, and family vacations it becomes quite tedious to map out the “perfect” race schedule.

While it will take some time to plot it all out, the important thing is that process has begun. For me, knowing whats looming in the distance helps to keep me honest throughout the winter and definitely keeps my butt in the pool during these colder months.

So how about you…Have you started your 2012 race schedule yet? What’s changed and whats stayed the same?

Ohh, and…

Happy Halloween to all of you too! May your day be filled with many many treats and very few tricks!

Run Happy, My Friends!

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