The Most Unwanted of Visitors

I’m ALIVE and it feels so good!!

Last Tuesday I woke up around 11:30pm violently ill and my husband found me curled up on the floor in the bathroom.

He asked me if I’d snuck out to the Broke Spoke (i.e. local bar) for Tuesdays Drinkin’ with Lincoln special….

To say that I failed to find him humorous, would be like saying I sorta dislike running in the heat and humidity of South Mississippi.

Yeah, ya’ think???

What followed was 48hrs of sheer torture.

As a matter a fact, I’ve decided that there is no need for the US government to use physical torture to gain information from terrorists. Nope, just give them a good dose of the stomach virus that floats around every year. They’d sing like canaries if they were promised some Phenergan and Motrin to relieve their symptoms.

I unfortunately, was not privy to such luxuries. Despite every joint in my body feeling like it had been through a CrossFit workout from hell, I couldn’t hold down any NSAIDS for about 24hrs. The damn virus was just going to have to run its course. This bug was running its own personal marathon and it was taking its sweet time that’s for sure. It was hitting about a 2hr mile/pace, I’d say. Shouldn’t the course be CLOSED????

I was feeling a bit better by Friday, but still couldn’t really eat. I’d THINK I was ready and then once food was in front of me I just couldn’t get it down just yet.I really hadn’t though about all the training I’d missed since I’d been so focused on my sheer survival, but people were starting to text me and ask how I was handling it. I’m not sure they comprehended just how sick I’d been.

Friday night, I was pretty sure I’d live if I could just eat. Since I was fairly confident THAT would happen, I finally began to get a little antsy about my schedule and how being sick was going to effect things.

Saturday I managed an easy 20 mile ride, but it really wore me out. I was FINALLY able to eat a full meal Saturday night so things were returning to normal and I knew my energy would level would follow.

Sunday I decided to try to run an easy 4.5mi. I could really tell how the virus had sucked up all my endurance for its own greedy self. Those 4.5 miles felt like the 10 miles I’d run the Sunday prior. I was too tired to be depressed about it. I simply came home and took a nap. This was one vicious virus!

Every day gets a bit better, but it is a slow road back to normal. I’m so grateful to be done with this evil bug. And even more grateful that I don’t fall victim very often.

The last time I was invaded, I remember it quite vividly….my son was an infant…14 years ago!

I should be good for another 14…or longer thank you!!

This nasty germ and so many others are going around so keep those hands clean!! Stay out of crowded places after those long runs/rides when the immune system is a bit more fragile. Try to stay hydrated and eat well despite it being”that” time of year!! 🙂

Hopefully no one else falls victim,but if you do know you have my utmost empathy!

Stay Healthy, My Friends!

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