Mondays Motivation: Thanksgiving Edition

This past weekend was filled with trips to Lowe’s for lights, extension cords and automatic timers.

Yesterday I barely managed to squeeze in an 8 mile run while my husband cranked out a 30 mile ride only to race home and continue the holiday decorating marathon. The porches needed garland, lights had to be strung, and wreathes were ready to be hung.

And this is just the exterior!

We still need to tackle the tree this week AND shop for the Thanksgiving feast AND somehow manage to continue our training schedule without loosing out minds!

Welcome to the insanity known as the holidays!

These next few weeks can be rough for us all. Time seems to get the better of us and training takes a back burner to parties and tree trimmings.

I know this past weekend I was a bit overwhelmed with all I needed to get done. The thought of pushing my long run off another week was tempting, but I made the choice to get up and get it done. This got my husband out the door  as well.

Taking that 1st step is always the hardest, but in the end it’s always well worth it.

Enjoy the holiday week, but don’t sell yourself short! Get out there and get your training done!

You’ll be so glad you did!

Run Happy, My Friends!

3 thoughts on “Mondays Motivation: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. You never regret it once you are out there. Holidays are my favorite times to work out actually. The sense of accomplishment always seems bigger 🙂

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