Miles and More

I’m a few months behind tallying up my miles.

What can I say…Been kinnda busy 😉

Working backwards, this what keep my busy a good chunk of September-November.


  • Swimming: 5 miles/ 2hrs and 49 minutes
  • Cycling: 273 miles/ 12hrs and 58 minutes/ avg pace 20 mph
  • Running: 83 miles/ 12hrs and 39 minutes/ avg pace 9:11
  • Total: 361 miles/28 hours and 27 minutes


  • Swimming: 5 miles/ 3 hrs and 6 minutes
  • Cycling: 274 miles/ 13 hrs and 11 minutes/ avg pace 18 mph
  • Running: 77 miles/11 hours 47 minutes/ avg pace 8:36
  • Total: 356 miles/ 28 hours and 4 minutes


  • Swimming: 8 miles/ 4 hrs and 23 minutes
  • Cycling: 283 miles/ 13 hours and 17 minutes/ avg pace 21 mph
  • Running: 63 miles/ 9 hours and 46 minutes/ avg pace 9:11
  • Total: 354 miles/27 hours and 26 minutes

All in all it appears to be a fairly strong base as I look to ramp things up in January. I should have a nice foundation to build on as I start the 10 week block focusing on 70.3 preparation.

I can definitely tell when the weather started to cool as my run paces improved and distances increased. Just the same, my bike paces decreased and the miles fell off slightly as I finished the season.

My goal was to maintain 4-6 miles/month in the pool during the “off season” and so far, so good. There is really nothing worse than re-developing the “gills” after months out of the water.

I’ve also been training for the Louisiana Marathon which will take place in Baton Rouge, La on 1/15/2012. I’m only running the half, but really needed to focus on working in some longer runs and I’ve been fairly successful at accomplishing that while continuing to average 60-80 miles/wk cycling. I really hope to break 2 hrs, at this distance, this year and so far the majority of my race pace runs have been on target. However, as my legs fatigue this gets more difficult to accomplish. I only hope proper preparation, adaptation, and a good taper/rest the week prior does me right in the long run (ha!).

In the end, it’s really all about 4/1/2012 ….the Half-Ironman.

I’ve grown accustomed to running on tired legs day in and day out. If I don’t break 2 hrs in January I know that I’ll live to fight another day….10 weeks later to be exact.

And that’s when the true pay-off will be felt. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself as I run in the cold windy weather, day after day, after spending hours on the bike and/or in the pool.

In addition to logging these miles, it’s been a busy time around here as well. From keeping up with all of you, to playing Santa, to making the really big decisions in my life…like, should I grow my hair out? maybe change the color? 🙂

AND since I’m still practicing my slide show skills….

Remember…I’m still learning, and I’m short on time, AND I have yet to sync my iPod so the music choices are very limited!

Y’all have a Great Weekend!

7 thoughts on “Miles and More

  1. I don’t doubt you’ll break that 2 hour goal for the 1/2, you’re fast! It’s very exciting that your 70.3 training is about to start getting real! Since I want to do one it’ll be great to observe your training along the way.

  2. How in the hell do you know how to make a slideshow??? You must show me. Very impressed with your skills.House looks great! Great fitness log. Your one tough chic.

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