The Short List: Holiday Edition

6 days till Christmas.

Is everybody ready?

I hope so, but incase you’re like me and need a few last-minute items, I’ve put together a short list of my fall favorites to give y’all few ideas….just incase!

These can ALL be found online (remember where I live?? no shopping in hell, but we do have internet!). I’m guessing there are great deals to be had right now as well, so even if you’re done with everyone ELSE on your list, perhaps you may want to pick up a little “happy” for yourself! 🙂


Yes friends, these are day-of-the-week underwear. I am not at all ashamed to say that I ADORE these. And BTW, that is not my ass…although I wish it were! I ordered true to size and they’ve done well in the dryer.

Punk Rock Racing T’s

This is one spicy company. They are full of piss and vinegar and I love em’! They make some awesome t-shirts and cycling apparel. Namely an awesome HTFU Swim, Bike, Run t-shirt. They have several others as well…and yeah I own em’ all and every one of them ROCKS! They run true to size.

Tough Chik Apparel

Another fun line, but this is just for the ladies. They have great shirts for all 3 disciplines and for the tri itself. They have cycling kits and tri kits as well, awesome hats, visors and accessories. Head over there and check them out if you haven’t done so yet. These fabulous ladies are also in the process of creating a “Tough Chik” team, so click on the link, read all about it and see if it’s something you and/or someone you know might be interested in doing. As for the clothing line, I find they run small so order the next size up if you want to utilize the dryer.

SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense

I have a really hard time finding sunscreen that will not make me look like a teenage boy going through puberty. As a result I’ve gone without for too many years and am dealing with melasma all over my face. Since deciding to finally do something about it, I have no choice and I’ve HAD to find protection that works and that won’t break me out. THIS IS THE TICKET!! It contains transparent zinc oxide as well as other active sunscreens to aid in the protection of the sun’s rays. It has an SPF of 45 and it stays put through even the hottest and most humid of conditions. Of course it’s waterproof and sweatproof as well, but I reapply in T1. It’s not Coppertone cheap at $37.00/tube, but it works and keeps my face happy!

Wigwam Ironman Thunder Pro Low-Cut Sock

I am weird picky about my socks. Aren’t we all? Well these are the best. They are cushy, but not bulky and no annoying arch support. If you like the arch support, these won’t make you happy so take note. Wigwam makes a boatload of socks, but these are the only ones I really like. I have a big foot and can’t fit in the ladies variety so I order the mens. They fit the same, I just end up with no color choices. I wish sock manufacturers would realize some of us girls have REALLY big feet!! How big you may ask???….well, my new Brooks are a size 12. I am no petite flower!

ViewSport L/S Men’s Performance Shirt

I ordered this for my husband to wear on his runs once the weather cooled and he gave it an A+. ViewSport, if you don’t know, makes sweat activated t-shirts. In other words, once you start to work up some heat, these nifty little phrases appear on the shirt. More importantly though is the shirt itself. It’s comfortable and roomy without being too big. Most of my husband’s performance shirts tend to be huge because he has to size up to accommodate the shoulders (think lots o’ swimming) otherwise it’s skin-tight and he refuses to wear it. This one fits, like Goldilocks would say…”just right!”


Just like the name says. These are towels for your car. When my husband got my Jeep he also purchased me this towel so I wouldn’t trash the seats, with my sweaty self, after a run or ride. Most of the time, I don’t leave from the house. I drive elsewhere and so I am a hot mess when I get back in to head home. This towel has a cut out that fits over the neck rest and is shaped for a car seat. It’s not thick like a beach or bath towel, it’s more like those super absorbent swim or car washing towels….but not the hard crunchy ones that need water to get soft. I love it. I honestly didn’t realize how MUCH I needed this until he gave it to me. Now we fight for it…so he will be gettin’ his own in a few days!!

Reflect Sports

You may be familiar with the oh so famous Hoo Ha Ride Glide to keep “girlie bits” happy on those long (and not so long) rides, but Reflect Sports ALSO market some damn awesome anti-chlorine products. This is fine, fine stuff that gets the pool stench out of your hair (conditions it nicely too!) and off your body so your friends and co-workers don’t begin to question your new choice of perfume!! No sense in offending the masses seeing how we aren’t really even “in season” yet.

So there ya’ have it.

I hope there’s something here you find new and insightful. None of these folks have asked me to review anything, it’s all stuff I’ve bought on my own accord and have just happened to fall in love with as well.

Maybe I should do a post on all the crap I’ve bought and ended up hating…

hmm…now there’s a thought!

Train Merrily, My Friends!

12 thoughts on “The Short List: Holiday Edition

  1. Listen, I’m a dirt bag and you all should know this. I’m not gonna pretend like I really got past the long run ass. I saw something about a car towel, but beyond that, I’m seeing blue and yellow.

  2. Great list, thanks. See, I saw the ‘rundies’ and immediately thought women wouldn’t like that. Guys- what do we know? :/

  3. Great list. Seriously need to get all of blogger world to post these items in November and not wait until the end when we are up against the clock and shipping.

    Jake – we know nothing and never will because once we are on to them they change the rules.

    • Jason…been meaning to get this out since Thanksgiving, but time slipped away. Good intentions…
      And it is our duty to keep changing’ things up and keep y’all guessing….wouldn’t want ya’ to go and get all bored with us! 😉

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