On a Wing and a Prayer

We’re starting the off 2012 racing season right away down here in the deep south …

No putting off things for tomorrow when it would just be hotter and more humid than today.

January is the ideal time for running around here and so THAT is the plan.

This weekend is the Louisiana Marathon over in Baton Rouge.

We’re actually running the 1/2 version…..or at least I’m going to give it the ole college try.

I strained my left quad during the holidays. It’s hypothesized that a combination of long rides, faster than normal runs, heavy winds, weak hips, and some obnoxious plyometrics all created a perfect storm that set the stage for this very annoying injury.

It ultimately caused a flare of tendonitis in my lower leg around my gracilis (inner thigh, just behind the knee). I abandoned my long runs about 2-3 weeks ago and almost ALL running actually ….until recently. For the most part it’s about 75% improved. The tendonitis actually seems totally resolved. The quad strain…well that’s another story.

Last week I ran 6 miles (with my quad wrapped for support) and did experience some minor grumbling from the leg towards the end, but it was more of a tendonitis issue than quad problem.

The next day, after some very intense stretching and a myofascial release session (OUCH!), I woke up pain-free. It was the oddest thing. The pain was just gone….like it had never been there.

I decided to not ask questions. I took it and ran with it….literally!

I finished my 11 mile run Sunday, once again in a wrap, and was fine with the exception of:

  •  my muscles have ZERO running endurance now….after 9 miles it’s all a head game
  •  it’s really annoying to run 90 minutes with 1 leg wrapped.

The quad was achy Monday and Tuesday, but not painful. Yesterday I tackled a quick 5 miler since the leg seemed to have quieted down.

The usual pattern of post-run discomfort continued…..

I countered with my usual post-run routine of vigorous stretching, ice, and Bio-Freeze. By mid-afternoon I had shut that angry quad up and was going about the day totally unaware of it potential bad attitude.

I’m happy to say, this morning, things feel…”normal.” BUT I know if I ran…and when I do run on Sunday, this will likely change.

All in all, it is improving each and every day.

My gait is not altered, I have full ROM, and I’m not taking NSAIDS. If any of these were to change, then I absolutely WOULD NOT be running on Sunday.

My original goal was to break 2 hours.

Then, throughout the fall, it was looking like I may be able to finish around 1:50-1:55 if things went my way. Not lightening speed, but a huge result for me as it would be 15-20 minutes faster than my time last year.

I’ve now reassessed my goals and accepted the fact that Sunday isn’t going to be the day to set any great records. I’m really grateful to simply make it to the starting line and run along with my husband.

A few weeks ago, I had serious doubts this was going happen….THAT was more upsetting than what the time on the clock was going to say.

It’s the little things… 😉

There will be no more running for me until Sunday. There would be no benefit at this point and resting the leg will yield the best chance for finishing….

Yea’…I’m still hoping to cross under 2 hours…

Wish me luck!

Run Happy, My Friends!

5 thoughts on “On a Wing and a Prayer

  1. Best of luck this weekend. It’s a success to even show up at the starting line given what you’ve been through in past few weeks. Although I still think you’ll do well!

    • I thought of you (and Vegas) let week when this was coming to an ugly head….figured you had the race of your life with a jacked up leg (foot…)…so hey, it’s worth a shot 🙂

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