Even The Bad Ones Count

Today I finally ran again.

It was the first time since Sunday’s race and it wasn’t pretty.

Oh, I eeked out a 28 minute 5k. Pace wasn’t the issue.

It was how I felt after the first 10 steps that really disturbed my mental chi.

It’s been almost a week and my legs are still somewhat pissed off at my desire to run further than the mailbox.

For some reason it really got in my head today.

The frustration and doubts came flooding in like tsunami.

Luckily I have a wonderful support crew, all around this great country, to set me straight.

I was reminded how we ned to cut ourselves slack…TRUE!

And how each and EVERY time we get out there….well, it all counts thank you!!

Even the ugly, wheels are falling off, OHMIGOD I just want this to be over NOW workouts.

Yup, they sure do! I KNOW this, but today I needed gentle clubbing to bring it all front and center again.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great run this weekend!!

Run Happy, My Friends!

4 thoughts on “Even The Bad Ones Count

  1. Never doubt yourself. 1st off 28min 5K is damn good. Especially after a week, especially when your muscles are sore. I’m sure you’ve done better before, but rest assure you’ll be there again soon enough. Trust your abilities and trust your training.

    • It was AMAZING how drained this race left me. I now became overwhelmed with not finishing the 70.3, but with dread about how I would feel AFTER the race!! But, I’ve come to terms with it….I know what I did wrong and have to work to correct it!

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