Motivational Monday: Building Blocks

Yesterday I officially entered the “build phase” of 70.3 training.

My body has finally recovered from last Sunday’s half-marathon and so I had a nice 41 mile spin to kick things off.

It was nice to finally feel like I was covering some distance, doing so in good time, and knowing I could tackle more if needed.

I know all days won’t be quite so blissful so remaining focused and motivated will be the keys to getting through… both mentally AND physically.

I’ll be planting many seeds of success around here over the next 65 days or so and watering them often!!

If you’ve got something big coming up, and I know many of you do, then hopefully this will help you out as well.

Y’all have a fantastic week out there!

Do great things

and always….

Swim Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Building Blocks

  1. That is fecking awesome! I think I want that tattooed on my chest. Hang tight, I started base phase this morning for Eagleman. I’m a bit behind you, but with you every step of the way in spirit.

    • It felt so good to start base training so I know you’ll enjoy this part as much as I’m enjoying moving on to the next!! Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, to look at the calendar, and realize just how close April 1st really is…
      Gotta have faith in the plan…and know we’ll be ready though

  2. Very, very exciting to see you train for this! I wish it was closer so I could go and spectate on race day! You’re going to train like a mad woman, I know this. Race day will reflect your crazy mad woman efforts!

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