It’s the Little Things

The thing about Monday is that it follows Sundays LONG ride.

Typically that chews away 3+hours of time, prep and ride combined.

Then, just like the rest of us… there is laundry to do, homework to finish, toilets to scrub, and dinner to prepare before collapsing into bed between 10 and 11pm.

Monday arrives at 5am and always with a vengeance.

And I’m always FAR too tired to be looking at my training calendar and keeping things in a “Polly Positive” state of mind.

5 days….approximately 11 hours until another brief respite comes my way.

5 days…approximately 11 hours until that glass (or 2) of Merlot is mine…..

…..until I can drink coffee in my PJs until noon

…..until I do not feel the need to double-check today’s session…BECAUSE THERE IS NONE to check!

It’s the little things 😉

Until then…

it’s time to get this Monday started

Train Happy, My Friends!

6 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. No, not stressed. Knowing what’s ahead is what keeps things moving forward; be it training for an upcoming race or knowing that rest day is approaching…my husband is probably way stressed since he does all of this AND works 60+ hours a week, but he never complains or says anything about it. I have no idea HOW he or everyone else out there does it….my heroes!! 😉

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