Kickin’ It Off Right

Happy Ground Hogs Day!

January is officially in the books.

That means it’s that time again…

Time to look back on the work that’s been done and decide what, if anything, needs to be changed.

So here’s how the month played out:

Swimming: 10 miles/ 5hrs 50mins

Cycling: 299 miles/ 15hrs 04mins

Running: 83 miles/ 12hrs 35 mins

Strength/Core: 6hrs 40mins

TOTAL:  392 miles/ 46 hrs 34 mins

The very 1st thing I noticed, when I was working on these numbers, was the 299 cycling miles.


Apparently I don’t study this often enough, because I was on the bike yesterday and I would’ve CERTAINLY gone another 3 minutes or so to make that an even 300, but….whatever!

My time in the pool has stayed pretty level all year and that’s just how I wanted this winter to play out. There’s nothing too exciting to report other than it’s really nice to already have my swim fitness and not need to get out and work on it.

January was our first race of 2012 with The Louisiana Marathon. While I was thrilled with my results given the set-backs with my quad injury, the recovery was far longer than I anticipated. Truth be told, I’m just now getting back to my former running self. I read somewhere that you should give your body 1 day of recovery for every mile covered in your race. Well, I’m a believer.

There are 59 days until we climb in our wetsuits and walk to the water’s edge in Galveston to take on those 70.3 miles.

I’ve left the kind and cozy world known as base phase and I’m now deep into the 2nd week of the building part of the plan. Why is the 2nd week always the hardest??

The biggest part of February will be miles in the saddle. It’s my goal to build to 150 miles/week by the end of the month.

I’ve got to find my running mojo and so that is a big objective of this month. I’m running a shorter long run and more frequent medium distance runs (6-9 miles) to hopefully regain some happiness out there. I seem to be most comfortable and remain injury free when running between 90-100 miles/month. I’m tweaking my plan, each week, to fit these runs in where they work the best and where I can squeeze the most out of them while still trying to log as many cycling miles as possible.

A tedious task at times, but one that will pay off no doubt.

All in all, I was quite pleased with January. Despite the setbacks, I was still able to get in a lot of work and move on to the next training block. What more can a girl ask for really? 😉

How ’bout you?

Have you taken a few minutes to study the past month…see where you’ve been and made a plan for where you want to go?

Run Happy, My Friends!

4 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Off Right

  1. Have you taken a few minutes to study the past month…see where you’ve been and made a plan for where you want to go?

    Why yes I did, though I’m a bit jealous of the riding miles you were able to put in this month – though I did get three rides in which is unheard of in Michigan.

    • To be honest, most of mine are indoors as well…the time change doesn’t allow for getting out as much as I’d like…spinning is spinning. Minutes in the saddle all add up!

  2. Nice miles in January! I usually tally mine up a few days before the end of the month to see if I can make an even number, like your 300. But you’re so busy training you don’t have time to be tallying 🙂
    I think those mid distance runs are really beneficial, I’m trying to get more of those in too.
    Keep training hard, you’re kicking lots of ass so far!

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