Fabulous Friday

Yes it is Friday!

The weekend has finally arrived.

And while that is indeed pretty fabulous it is not what this post is about….

This is about a certain ITEM that I’ve recently been made aware of, that I would really like to scoop up for myself…

It’s no secret that I want a tri bike…

I’m not convinced it’ll make me any faster, as I am a full believer in the “it’s the engine not the car” philosophy.

However, I’m also of the opinion that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a nice ride while putting forth some hard work out on there on the road!

Check out the custom number by Betty Designs:

I do love all things Betty!

Perhaps a gift to myself after Galveston! 😉

Ride Happy, My Friends!

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. I can assure you you’ll be faster on a tri bike. I have calculated several times that I’m 1m/hr faster on my tri bike. Not on the hills, but you’ll really notice a difference on the flats or in a headwind! (and yes, I had clip-on aero bars on my road bike and I’m still faster). DO IT!

    • Oh maybe you convinced me! 🙂 This won’t ship till AFTER my 70.3 but I’m really wanting to try and win a slot to Des Moines at the 5150 in June….so I COULD wait for it….. OR there is this awesome Quintana Roo I’ve been looking at locally….

  2. A decent tri bike is the one major thing holding me back from going further than sprint or Oly at this point. You’re right, strong legs are good, but equipment will only enhance those strong legs. Hope you’re able to snatch a deal on one!

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