Looking For A Sign

I’m now within 2 weeks of my tune up sprint and about a month out from Lone Star 70.3.

To say I’m getting a “little” anxious is parallel to saying a hurricane has a “little” wind…

It just doesn’t happen that way.

Every workout, I keep looking for a “sign”…

That 1 thing that will FINALLY convince me that I’m actually ready to do this…

I’ve resolved myself to the fact that it’s not gonna happen.

Not until I see the “sign” at the finish line anyway…

Then, I”m pretty sure, I’ll know I was ready!!

Until that time though….it’s more of the same.

Y’all have a great weekend. I hope the weather is in your favor and everyone is finally able to get their training done OUTDOORS!

Swim Happy, My Friends!

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