Say Hello To My Little Friend!

It’s been a long time coming.

A lot of research, questions, and data to study…

and then there was the quest itself….

Finally the search was over….

Last weekend, we made the 3hr drive to Lafayette, Louisiana to visit Precision Bikes. Mark Miller owns the shop and is quite possibly the best fitter in the region.

And I’m not the ONLY one who thinks so!! Check out this link!

Case in point, my husband has been uncomfortable on The Green Hornet since its arrival. He has been refitted 3 times locally with no success.

Mark had him cozy and ready to nap in about 10 minutes.

No computers, no fancy measurements. Sure he can do all that, but he doesn’t need to. It’s all done with his eyes and hands. That and he actually LISTENS to the person riding the bike!

Technology at its finest!

As for me…well I knew who was going to fit me, I just needed the equipment.

I should’ve known to START here instead of finishing here…..

The Illicito.

I’ve been looking at these bikes for over a year and while I love my Cervelo road bike I REALLY wanted a Quintana Roo. I just couldn’t find one locally to get on and test ride. I needed to see if I liked how it felt as much as I thought I would.

As luck would have it, Mark had several in his shop and the Illicito was the “one”.

There is definitely a steep learning curve. I’ve been out twice, this week, for a total of about 55 miles. I’ve already crashed once and had a few near misses. The position is way more aggressive (obviously) and that means handling is paramount. It’s incredibly windy right now and while that’s great for Galveston prep, it’s making for somewhat hazardous riding.

Each day gets a little easier. For now, the goal is to layoff the trainer and stay outside to get more familiar with the bike and how it rides. The endurance part of my 70.3 training is done. I’m comfortable riding for hours, but now I have to get comfortable doing so on a different beast…

The QR is definitely all the marketing folks make it out to be….

Its stiff, responsive, smooth, and just plain fast without having to work at it.

Kinnda nice for a change.

One of the questions I asked Mark was exactly HOW much faster is someone on a tri bike vs a road bike. See, I’ve always been a strong believer in the, “it’s the engine not the machine” philosophy.

His reply, “Lots!”

Very scientific.

He did warn me though…..I really wouldn’t see that difference for a while as I need time to get accustomed to the bike.

After riding these past two days, I now know EXACTLY what he means!

Ride Happy, My Friends!

22 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend!

  1. My jealously was showing until I read the part that you already crashed.. With your cycling experience and my lack of it, that thought terrifies me.
    Very exciting to get a great piece of equipment for the 70.3, you’re doing to slay it out there!

    • Oh Girl you know practice makes perfect….fall enough you become a pro. I had that bike put back together in no time and was back on my way…..gotta show up race day with a few bangs and bruises…for effect ya’ know…scare the masses in transition 🙂 Either that or have them wondering what I’m doing on it since I obviously can’t keep it upright….I’m going with the 1st

  2. You know I love me some QR’s. Love my Dulce almost as much as I love my hubby, LOL! Your new ride is a beaty! Have you named your new beast yet? I couldn’t agree more about the wind lately. It has been a bitch on wheels.

    • How have you been? Are you racing this weekend? I was going to send you an email today since I haven’t seen you around cyber world. That bike is awesome…right now I’m amazed at how much my HANDS hurt from shifting…CRAZY!!!

  3. whoo hoo!! You’re going to LOVE your new bike 🙂 So happy for you! I noticed the biggest difference in wind & flats (faster), the run (easier) and just overall comfort. The only time I have trouble is twisty turny downhills (shaky handling) but you don’t have to worry about that in your ‘hood. Have fun!!

    • Thanks, I’m still having a hell of a time figuring the handling and my upper body is so sore…AND my hand from the shifters…HOLY COW!!! But I figure another week or so and I should be ok…more comfortable at least!

  4. I remember the first day I brought my new tri bike home – it was very windy and I almost got blown off the road. It was impossible to ride in aero and I was worried how it would all work out. But after some miles and some time in the saddle it started to become second nature. You are going to kick so much a$$ on this new bike! Congratulations!

    • OK, well it’s not just me! I can’t believe how much I’ve had to slow down to maintain control. I’m cautious anyway so this is really rough…hopefully on the course, without the cars, It’ll be a bit easier. Right now I just don’t want to get tangled up with 1 of those!!

    • I have…FLAT…Just like here which is why I picked it. But it will be windy….just like here!! I’m a big believer in racing in the environment to which you train and are familiar….until that gets old and boring at least. I could never come up to you, in Missouri and do an event…it would kill me because I couldn’t prepare properly. I really feel for those folks from the north coming down for this race b/c they won’t have had any heat/humidy acclimation and it’s gotten really bad, really quickly. I’m grateful to have some time in it to get my head straight b/c I hate these conditions!!

      • Oh okay. Good. I’m the opposite, I train with heavy wheels, and ride hills so when it comes to flats and light(er) wheels it’s a lot easier…. as for humidity…yuck.

    • Thanks Mark…I’m still learning and the curve is bigger than I thought it would be, but its getting easier. If the wind would die down maybe I’d find some of that speed I was promised!! 🙂

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