Arrive Alive

For some reason, this year seems filled with an unusually high number of cycling incidents.

I’ve heard of dozens from around the country, some pretty severe, and right here in little ole Po-Dunk, MS we’ve had several….one was a pretty good friend.

He was hit by a car that ran a stop sign a few weeks ago.

His bike hit the car, he flew over the hood, and the driver kept going…. said he never even realized he hit anyone!!! REALLY???!!

Luckily another driver witnessed it, stopped, and called the police.

Our friend is fine thank goodness….

He’s young…VERY young, like early 20’s young and very resilient.

The bike, was trashed. He was out riding in prep for NOLA 70.3 (next weekend) and so THIS has been more of an issue than being a little bruised and battered. Carbon doesn’t like to get into confrontations with cars and so, as is the norm, the car won.

Fortunately, one of the local swim instructors saves EVERYTHING….a bit of a bike hoarder, if you will, so they were able to rebuild a bike in time for the race. Race wheels will have to wait, but he’s one of those guys who could ride a Schwinn from Wal-Mart and still win his age group.

Raw Talent…..just disgusting 🙂

Mississippi has passed all of the appropriate legislation… 3 feet laws and such, but it doesn’t necessarily mean people will follow them. Hell, in THIS case, if someone doesn’t even KNOW you’re there then they certainly can’t abide by it.

I am a paranoid cyclist and stories like this are the reason why. Cyclist around here have had beer bottles thrown at them, been spit at, and had drivers scream to get off “their” roads…we’ve been basically harassed for years. I hear stories almost weekly when I go into the tri store, cycling shop, or to the natatorium to swim.

We all need to be extra vigilant out there. Don’t ever “assume” that someone behind the wheel of a car is actually paying attention to their surroundings. As a matter of fact, always assume the EXACT opposite. Never ride without some sort of ID and ideally a cell phone, but I know that’s not always going to be practical. And when possible, don’t ride alone.

The weather is gettin’ beautiful and we’re all going to be out there logging those miles.

Lets all make it home safely!

Ride Happy, My Friends!

4 thoughts on “Arrive Alive

  1. That moment when nothing you can do is going to prevent a serious amount of unexpected pain while riding a bike with a car heading at you can change you forever. Just reading this made my accident injuries start to hurt again and it has been years since I lost a battle with a Honda CR-V.

    Good advice. Be safe and I hope your friend recovers quickly.

  2. +1
    So far no issues on a bicycle but i was hit by a car on a motorbike years ago! Touch wood that was my dance card being punched!

  3. Yesterday, on my ride home a RUNNER, a GIRL ON HER FEET didn’t look both ways before crossing the bike path and I nearly ran her over. I mean, seriously, our elbows touched. People need to get their head out of their asses, it’s as simple as that.

    • I was honked at and yelled at for not riding on THE SAND. We don’t have bike lanes so the cars have to share with us and the road is sandy…cars/people are ignorant and impatient. The speed limit is 25….I was going 26 at the time with the tailwind. REALLY??!! Honk and scream all you want….jackasses!

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