Keeping a Low Profile

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just keep your damn mouth shut!    -Mom’s all around the world

Sage advice, no doubt and the reason I’ve been keeping a low profile.

No need to dampen everyone’s training and racing successes! But at the same time, I didn’t want y’all to think I’d been kidnapped by Wal-martians or been run over by beer guzzling rednecks!

So I decided to give y’all a brief update…stop smirking, it’s comparably brief!

Mississippi is on full alert..

Well, the Gulf Coast at least…as I’ve become more and more cranky by the day. It has become quite evident, that this issue with my knee/leg is going to require some serious time off running.

1st, I actually need a diagnosis!

The thing about having a husband for a physician is that you get a lot of what I refer to as, “back door medical advice”.

Sure I can get an MRI in an hour and my results just as fast, but the opinions are really as good as what I can look up on the internet.

“It may be….”  week 1-2

“Oh, better be careful…it looks like it could be….”  week 2-3

“I bet it’s….”  week 3-4

You know the saying, “Opinions are like assholes…..everyones got one!”

Ask 100 doctors their diagnosis, you WILL get a different answer almost every time. I promise!

I warned you…I’m cranky!

So here I sit, 4 weeks later with a whole bunch of free advice about an MRI that “might” show a stress fracture or “might” just be a normal variant of the training load I was doing.

NOTHING…NOTHING….NOTHING replaces a hands on exam and I know this, but I was being lazy…..

trying to take the easy way out because the orthopedist isn’t the easiest person to see

AND maybe because I kinnda wanted to cherry pick the advice I accepted.

Those that said “overuse”, ITB issues, tendonitits…..yeah, well they HAD to be spot on!! Anyone who said stress fracture….pfft, CRAZY!!

I mean, come ON… REALLY??!!! How could I have a stress fracture?? I can hop on 1 leg for Gods sake.

I wasn’t training THAT much…cough, cough….not as much as most….some….a few.

See, it only hurts when I run…yes, I know that’s just 10 steps, but it doesn’t get REALLY bad until about a mile…., maybe .5 mile and if I stop and walk for a sec, well I can repeat the whole process…about 7 or 8 times actually.

Stress fracture…pfft, y’all are nuts!


So, now after once again trying to run last week and at just under .3 miles (yes, that’s barely to the stop sign at the end of the street..I KNOW, I KNOW) having that ole familiar pain creep back into my lateral knee, I conceded…..

I cried uncle.

Then I screamed bloody murder, cried holy hell, and had a good old-fashioned temper tantrum!

I was long overdue, really.

Then realized, as usual, I have no one to blame but myself.

I always say, life mimics sport…sport mimics life…however you wanna see the glass…

This is another fine example.

There is no easy way out…there is no simple solution.

It needs an actual VISIT to the physician so he can actually touch it, see it, compare the films with his clinical exam, and finally take what I’m telling him and make a good judgement call.

Then maybe I’ll have an opinion worth a damn.

So, for now…

Swimming, swimming, swimming….cycling, cycling, and more cycling.

And I’ll work on the crankiness too!

Swim Happy, My Friends!

7 thoughts on “Keeping a Low Profile

  1. Awww, you, I love you.. But my opinion is that you never really took time off after the race. I’m pretty sure I remember you logging fairly high mileage on the bike not even a week later.
    Get a proper diagnosis, do what the doctor tells you–UNLESS he says “quit”, because, duh, that’s not an option. But let it rest for a bit. Go swim until you bleed chlorine.
    Hope you’re doing okay! Chin up buttercup!

    • Should’ve laid off ANY running no doubt. The cycling was VERY low intensity. The swimming was actually more difficult that 1st week back. Its taken me until now to finally feel “normal” in the water again. Something is not right and I think by testing it, I’m aggravating it so I’ll just wait longer….see ortho…thing is it’s 95% fine ant other time. I know something’s going on, but no pain. If I wasn’t unable to run and it didn’t hurt so bad to run, I wouldn’t think twice about it really. It’s very odd how it stops and starts so suddenly.

  2. I love the way you’re working this out Jenn!!
    YOU know your body.
    Just listen – write it down – assess the arguments – decide.
    You WILL sort this – Best of Luck that it’s sooner rather than later 🙂

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