Good Luck Racers: Seize the Day

This is a huge weekend for racing, from coast to coast, so I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone whose lining up Saturday and Sunday.

Your day has finally arrived!!

A quick list of events around the country (that I’m aware of people racing…):

  • IronMan St. George….several 1st timers including Becca from See Becca Try to Tri! Next time we hear from her, she WILL BE an IRONMAN! Enjoy the day Becca, you earned it!
  • Rev3 Knoxville
  • The Flying Pig Marathon
  • the ever famous…err infamous…Wildflower Triathlon
  • OC Half-Marathon….go Sugar!!!
  • PHG Marathon
  • IronGirl Sprint Triathlon
  • Wisconsin Marathon….I expect to see you with a cheesehead on at some point Steena!!

Best of luck to everyone!!

May you all finish healthy, meet your goals, but most importantly enjoy your time out on your respective courses. Y’all have put so much time into preparing and sacrificed so much to get to THIS day….

relish in the moment….soak up every detail….

and kick some ass along the way!!

Race Happy, My Friends!

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